Maybelline Lash Stiletto Sequins Mascara Review

I did a feature review of Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara and I hope you’ll revisit it today prior to reading this review.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Sequins Mascara is the newest addition to the Stiletto Mascara family. So obviously by the name you figured out the formula has a shimmery layer to add some sparkle to lashes.


Right, biggest disappointment ever.

I love the original formula of Lash Stiletto and guess what Lash Stiletto Sequins is just as good but absolutely, positively pointless. I see absolutely no shimmer, no sparkle, no glitter, nothing in the ways of anything shiny in the formula.

If you really look close and maybe put the wand under a magnifying glass you might see a hint of silver sparkle but don’t expect a whole heap of glimmer, that isn’t happening.

I can’t believe it.

I already have a Lash Stiletto Mascara and was eager to try out something that had Sequins in the name but it’s honestly a pointless purchase and a waste of money considering I have a perfectly fine tube of it already opened in the regular version which THIS IS anyway. The formula hasn’t changed in the least unless I got a bad tube….

The good news?

Nothing has changed in the ways of the formula. It still creates longer, fuller lashes and is a perfect pick for those on a budget.


Don’t buy it because you think it’ll give your lashes a bit of sparkle.

Doesn’t do it.

Total gimmick and waste of money if you already own the regular version.

I’m crushed.

Anyone try?

Better success than I had?

Share it!

For a deeper review of Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara including before and after shots please click here.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 9/29/10 21:04 Erin:

    I am in love with your blog :).

    So…question? Do you have a makeup room? Lol…how/where do you store everything? Your collection has got to be ENORMOUS.


    • 9/30/10 9:25 the Muse:

      thanks Erin! :) I store most of my collection in a spare bedroom ie the makeup room 😉


  • 9/29/10 21:05 Marina:

    I might try it just for shiggles when I run out of my regular tube. But I guess I won’t expect much. Thanks for the heads up, because if I’d seen in it at the store, I probably would have bought it and ended up let down.


    • 9/30/10 9:24 the Muse:

      marina it’s worth a purchase when you run out of the regular just to give it a whirl particularly if you already like the original anyway ;-D my pleasure!


  • 9/29/10 21:30 Comrade_Garlic:

    Why can’t shimmery mascara be shimmery? It’s disappointing.


    • 9/30/10 9:14 the Muse:

      that’s what I’m saying comrade, don’t we ask for too much?


  • 9/30/10 2:28 Ricci:

    Aw bummer, I hate gimmicks, thanks for the review though!


    • 9/30/10 9:07 the Muse:

      my pleasure ricci!!!! 😀


  • 9/30/10 8:39 laura r:

    what a gyp! i’m shocked!


    • 9/30/10 9:09 the Muse:

      me too laura 😛 FAIL!


  • 9/30/10 8:45 telle:

    hey Muse!

    Aw, thanks for doing the review, because it was something i was going to try. Sorry it worked out to be a big bust. I found that maybelline had a diamonds limited edition yellow tube (can’t recall the exact mascara name) and it was supposed to have a diamond sparkly effect and there was next to nothing in it for anything sparkly or shimmery or anything like that, which was a huge disappointment.
    that said, benefit has a gloss/lash overlay in this amazingly gorgeous teal blue that maybe will vamp up lashes?


    • 9/30/10 9:10 the Muse:

      telle I know exactly the one you mean, reviewed it a while ago, totally a bust too 😛

      I seen the Benefit one and wrote about it a few weeks ago but not so into the blue 😛 I guess I’ll stick with some of my asian overcoats I have, those work a treat ;-D


  • 9/30/10 9:49 telle:

    *boo* i missed it. i will have to find that! thanks for letting me know, i am thinking about purchasing it! :) i like the concept of the glitter top coats, etc. but i find its a better thing to just buy a pot of glitter and add it when the mascara is still ‘wet’. :)


  • 10/27/10 21:00 reeny:

    love ur blog and im obsessed with checkin ur blog now for reviews before tryin somethin new!! just curious, have u tried maybeline moisture extreme lipsticks? they r pretty good for people who want a natural look because they go on sheer(but its build-able). i love them, but i think it is about to be discontinued!! do u know anythin about that? is it still available in the states?


    • 10/28/10 12:53 the Muse:

      Hi reeny. Aw thanks xoxox! I haven’t tried these hun but now that you mentioned them I’ll have to see if they are in stores here ;-D


  • 12/7/10 12:32 lilly:

    i, unfortunately, wasted 9 bucks on it before i read this. it has nothing sparkly about it! its exactly like my tube of regular lash stiletto. it sucks.


    • 12/7/10 12:36 the Muse:

      agreed lilly :( sorry hun!


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