NP Set Rewind & Replenish Facial Serum Review

NP Set Rewind & Replenish Facial Serum is slightly confusing me at the moment but I still likey.

Here’s the deal, I’m unsure if NP Set meant this as a skincare item since it does say for day or night use or if they are meaning it as a primer. Shrug…I’m guessing skincare but I honestly love it as a primer.

Check it!

A hydrating face serum enriched with skin brightening ingredients, antioxidants, and minerals to improve the suppleness of skin and shield it against free radicals.

Rather than use this daily and nightly I’ve taken to using it as a primer which is probably completely politically incorrect considering serum comes first and than moisturizer. Oh well.

The serum is a gel like formula that’s super light and super fast to absorb. It comes in a squeeze tube for easy application, no dipping into a pot, clean and precise application sans germs or bacteria.

I can’t say if it’s improved my overall skin health or brightened it but it does liven up my dull skin a fair bit, aids my foundation to go on smoother, and just seems to improve my overall makeup appearance and application.

Since it absorbs so easily it provides me with the extra moisture I need after my moisturizer and prior to my makeup application.


It’s $29 dollars at a 1 oz size. I will say it’s cheaper than my Korres Quercetin & Oak Age Reversing Primer which is the same size and $33 so if you’ve wanted to try the Korres one you might want to save a buck or two with the NP Set version. I probably wouldn’t switch to NP’s version since it doesn’t promise anything in the ways of anti-aging but for the younger crowd this may appeal.

I do think it’ll last longer as a primer because using daily and nightly as a serum you can probably go through a 1 oz tube within a month or so.

  • Anyone seeking something to liven up dull skin (this seems to give me a nice dewy finish, mind you doesn’t completely erase dullness but does seem to create a better feel and look to my skin).

  • Anyone unwilling to shell out near $30 for a serum that’s pretty tiny (1 oz is a little smaller at this price!)

I like the overall product but the price tag does prevent me from thinking about a possible second purchase especially since I’m using it more as a primer than a skincare item due to its smaller size.

Do you need it?

It’s debatable.

It’s not the cheapest skincare item around however as a primer it might be a good dupe up to the Korres version I discussed plus a saving of $4 or so.

A little cheaper and I’d probably indulge in another after this one runs out!

Available now at Target.


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