Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance from Avon

I so want to go around today and tell people that I smell Fergalicious, sorry, can’t help myself. I’m wearing Outspoken by Fergie and it’s too tempting not say these things ha!

When I heard the Duchess was releasing a fragrance I thought that it would be released by Coty. Much to my surprise the new scent is actually from Avon.

Check it!


Fergie is the most recent partner to join Avon’s premier fragrance portfolio, following in the footsteps of others such as Reese Witherspoon, Christian Lacroix Parfums, Patrick Dempsey, and more…

Outspoken by Fergie is a bolder fruity floral fragrance with a rawer, unexpected edge.

Top Notes of the fragrance include star fruit and iced berry with middle layers of jasmine and passion flower follow up with base notes of back leather, ebony wood, and smokey vetiver.

Outspoke is available this September from shop.avon.com and includes Eau de Parfume, Body Mist, and Lotion.

I’m trying it out today and getting a feel for it. So far it’s pretty nice so expect a good word or two from me shortly!

What do you think?

Wanna smell all Fergie-like?

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  • 9/10/10 12:01 LU:

    “I so want to go around today and tell people that I smell Fergalicious.”




    • 9/10/10 12:04 the Muse:

      seriously….that’s going to come out of my mouth today LU. “Don’t I smell Fergalicious!?”



  • 9/10/10 12:51 Gillian:

    I have this too and it is totally delicious. My sister is an Avon rep, hehe, and she ‘made’ me buy this and the matching body lotion when it first came out. It’s now one of my all time faves.


    • 9/10/10 13:02 the Muse:

      LOL gillian 😀 she’s forcing things on ya eh? 😀 I like it so far. I’m wearing it today trying it out before my review.


  • 9/11/10 0:55 Laura:

    I sniffed it in a magazine and thought it smelled cheap ( I am somewhat of a perfume snob) but I also know on a strip You get more top notes. I wish I could sniff in person as those basenotes sound like a sexy drydown


    • 9/13/10 14:10 the Muse:

      mmm laura def comes across different on paper imho!


  • 9/11/10 23:06 Isabella:

    I’m an Avon rep, and I was really surprised by this scent – its really great!

    Though my husband had to ask “it doesn’t smell like pee, does it?”


    • 9/13/10 13:51 the Muse:

      LOL Isabella…!


  • 9/11/10 23:07 Isabella:

    OH! And cute little tidbit. The cap on the bottle? Fergie brought in a piece of crystal she owns (though I can’t remember what exactly it was) and said “I want the top to look like this!” – and voila 😉


    • 9/13/10 13:51 the Muse:

      interesting Isabella ;-D awesome fun fact!


  • 9/13/10 4:42 Hannah:

    I agree, I love this fragence.


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