Pacifica California Star Jasmine Perfume Review

Ahh California. Particularly Southern California where it never rains or at least it never does when I visit. Perfect weather, perfect sky, perfect ocean…..I probably couldn’t live full time in California but lord knows I love visiting a few times a year (I like my four seasons too much to live there!).

Inspired by a Southern California, Pacific California Star Jasmine Perfume is the newest fragrance launch from Pacific.

Does it smell like California?


I wasn’t sure I’d love on Pacifica California Star Jasmine Perfume because it had a master, dominant note of Jasmine. Jasmine is a strange scent to my nose but when mixed correctly with other notes you can achieve something special but rarely does it successfully come across as something I’d choose to wear.

Pacifica California Star Jasmine Perfume knocks it out of the park. They blended bright, playful notes with an earthy underlay and just the right amount of jasmine.

Jasmine comes through as a harsh note in this blend but layers of bright, tart orange and hints of earthy driftwood wrap it in a warm, sunny embrace creating a scent that’s both floral and fruity with an earthy finish. Mind you earthy may scare you a bit but don’t be wary of this, truly it’s blended to complex perfection.

Those who adore the scent of Jasmine in their fragrances will really find this an appealing fragrance and those a little less of a fan of the note, like me, will enjoy the complexity of the fragrance and the warm, sunshine it evokes.

Truly a gorgeous scent and captured my thoughts of California perfectly.

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At the least sniff it your next trip to Sephora, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how gorgeous it is!


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  • 9/2/10 10:36 Bonnie:

    WANT THIS!!! Just got back from our annual vacation to LA…so I need something to remind me of paradise. :)


    • 9/2/10 12:14 the Muse:

      ugh bonnie I was supposed to go in October but rescheduling lucky dog!


  • 9/27/11 18:11 Pacifica:

    Thank you Muse, what a great review on one of our favorite fragrances! You summed up the essence of carefree California Star Jasmine perfectly! For you and your readers use the code pacifica2a2
    at checkout on for 10% off any order.


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