Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set Review and Swatches

I admit my personality is such a major study in contradiction when it comes to pot lipglosses. On one side, I absolutely love cute pots of gloss but my other side reminds me how gross it is to stick my finger in for application, how untidy they are, and how they do not travel well.


I love them so.

A few Summers ago I got some Flirt! Candy Stripes Glossy Lip Palettes and I gotta say they turned into one my very favorite products. They created some super gorgeous lips looks! I adored mixing and matching the colors and it seemed like every look I did with them was an awesome one.

Fast forward, present day, I hauled a Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set because it was 1. cheap as day old chips and 2. it reminded me so much of my beloved and long gone Candy Stripes Glossy Lips Palettes.

Take a look!

A set of 5 mini lip pots featuring three strips of colored gloss.

Ok, so cute factor totally wins this hand plus the budget friendly price tag. I got five pots for $11.99 on ACW. Cheap as hell. Works out to less than $3 bucks a pot. In total you get three strips of gloss per a pot which equals 15 different glosses to choose from.

The packages are a twist off tin and a little bigger than the size of a silver dollar. The glosses all look so stunning at first glance kinda like bright, popping shades of jello! They even have a sorta similar texture and feel of jello on first swipe.

In terms of packaging, presentation, and the price I paid, these win all sorts of awards.


They have an awful formula.

I didn’t even bother swatching all of them as they really are too subtle to bother. Shades are all subtle regardless of how gorgeously pigmented they look in the pot and I can only get the barest amount of shine from the formula as it’s not emollient in the least. The texture is really firm but it smooths on patchy and uneven and leaves behind a tasteless, un-glossy look on lips.

Completely and utterly a bust in terms of formula. I’m somewhat shocked as in the pot they look stunning but on the lips is a whole other story!

  • Anyone who likes cute glosses that doesn’t mind a crummy formula.
  • Anyone looking for cute Halloween treats or grab bag goodies for a tween’s bday party!

  • Anyone who wants a glossy, hydrating lip balm or gloss.

Even at this price I can’t help but express my disappointment. The presentation of the product is really misleading as they truly look amazing but beauty is only skin deep I suppose.

Revamp the formula and I might consider indulging again but at the moment I’m stuck with five pots of awful.

Do not want.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 9/23/10 15:38 Stephanie:

    I hate when products look adorable but don’t work at all- it’s so disappointing :(


    • 9/23/10 15:46 the Muse:

      stephanie tell me about it. If all that thought goes into the packaging why not the formula?!


  • 9/23/10 15:57 ace:

    thats really odd… i had it in peony, i think, and i found that they were very pretty, for what they were… shine, i agree, wasnt so great. do you think you could have gotten a faulty batch or something?


    • 9/23/10 15:57 the Muse:

      me ace?


  • 1/27/11 13:13 Hidge:

    These glosses are very identical to Mary-Kate and Ashley Trio Sheer Lip Gloss.


  • 3/5/11 9:41 Saanjh:

    I got honeysuckle bronze on its own and I couldn’t be more impressed? The texture of mine are like lip gels or something, and are amazingly pigmented! I agree, maybe that could be a faulty batch?


    • 3/7/11 16:14 the Muse:

      it’s possible sannjh! I wish they were as good a formula the pot shows :)


  • 5/9/11 17:40 Kate:

    So unfortunate because they look so lovely in the little tins! D:
    I actually suckered myself into buying one…thankfully I only got one! xD
    this is the one I own: http://www.musingsofamuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Pop-Beauty-Mini-Ribbon-Gloss-Set-7.jpg

    And I got it from ACW as well. Thankfully not for very much I think like…$3.99? ANYWAY!

    Yeah…very little pigment in these and they smell…overly/painfully sweet. Ick. I am disappoint! Just a bunch of mica shimmer mixed with some kind of gel or something…nothing hydrating/moisturizing/pigmented about them!


    • 5/10/11 9:37 the Muse:

      great deal kate ;-D at that price can’t complain too much right? ;D!


      • 5/10/11 13:14 Kate:

        Haha pretty much! :) I tried making my own lipglosses last year and even my sub-par abilities in chemistry and cosmetics led me to produce better products than these. Go figure! I do like some of Pop’s other products though…just not these.

        Oh well! Hit and miss! xD


        • 5/12/11 10:16 the Muse:

          story of my life kate, hit and miss ;-D ha…I ‘ve always wanted to do a little DIY beauty but I’m way too clumsy, I’d prob poison myself if I tried ;D!


  • 3/24/12 22:03 Michelle:

    If you bought them recently, I hate to say it- but the formula might suck because they are expired. The product has been discontinued for a couple years now, so the mini ribbon glosses still for sale were made a couple years ago. My first ever sephora purchase 4 years ago was the mini ribbon gloss in peony (the bright orange, red, pink one) and the texture and softening and gloss was AMAZING. So I really think that if yours do not feel like that, that they might be expired.


    • 3/24/12 22:08 Michelle:

      I had the poppy, not the peony


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