Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner and Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Ultra Shine Daily

I’ve been praying to the Soap & Glory gods for a very long time now, pleading with them to please for the love of the Muse release a Shampoo and Conditioner.

My wishes are granted.

Now I happen to love Soap and Glory Hair Supply Hair Gel simply because it carries the signature Soap & Glory scent. However, I don’t think the new Shampoo and Conditioner do.

Oh woe.

But I’m not going to complain too hard, at the very least, we got hair products from Soap and Glory now! Score!

Contains raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol, suitable for all hair types and has a no build up formula.

Contains raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol to help detangle, gloss, protect and strengthen and has a no build up formula.

Sounds great right?

Bless be!

Both are available now from ASOS but the site is nitpicky about what it does and doesn’t ship from the Soap and Glory line to the US sadly. So we might have to wait a while longer until the brand gets picked up by a new retailer in the US.


But keep hope alive fans!

  • 9/29/10 20:14 Jessica:

    Gah, I so badly want to haul some of the new S&G products. The Target stores by me have barely anything left now (although what is left is marked down greatly!). I want to know who the new retailer is already!!


    • 9/30/10 11:57 the Muse:

      :( me too Jessica!


  • 9/29/10 20:54 Regina:

    it looks very cute and has that vintagey look to it. i dont know if it will work but i want to buy it just because it will make my bathroom collection look cut


    • 9/30/10 16:52 the Muse:

      regina yeah the packaging along makes me squeal ;D


  • 9/30/10 16:11 jenna:

    it has strange instructions on the conditioner – rub into your roots? weird! i’ve always always always been told to apply from the middle to ends and run fingers through until they are detangled, then rinse. so that little or no conditioner even comes in contanct with your scalp. hmmm…


    • 9/30/10 16:50 the Muse:

      hmmmm I didn’t notice Jenna ;-D Do it your way! That’s the way I’ve always done conditioner as well ;-D


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