Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette Mozzarella, Tokidoki Iphone Case, Tokidoki Glitter Eyeliner Set, and More!

New TokiDoki Makeup 2010

Ahhh Tokidoki some folks consider you a tad on the immature side but as for me, well, I just think you’re darling!

New Tokidoki Makeup Collection up ahead!


TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 3

  • Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette Adieu $25

Quad of four shades featuring a mini French attired Adieu character!

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 13

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 15

If nothing else you’ll want the new shadow palette simply because of the little moo charm! Love!

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 6

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 7

Hard shell Iphone cover available in three designs, Robbery, Tokidoki Logo, and Launch.

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 14

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 12

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 11

Six shades of Tokidoki Glitter Eyeliner in Melodia, Bianca, Al Dente, Meteo, Sandy, and Unicorno

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 9

  • Tokidoki Carezza Paddle Brush $30

Available in White and Pink designs

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 10

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 8

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 4

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 1

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 16

Available in White and Pink

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 5

TokiDoki Makeup Tokidoki Cosmetics 2

Wow, some line up eh?

I want the glitter pencils, I want the paddle brush, I want the new quads, I want….



Some very cute offerings that will fit nicely into my Sephora FF order come October.

Whatcha think?

Any favs from Tokidoki’s Makeup Collection?

Any of these items on your wishy list?

  • 9/14/10 12:06 Jennifer Moreno:

    I definitely want the Mozzarella eyeshadow palette! it’s so cute!


    • 9/14/10 13:31 the Muse:

      me too jenn, just the name makes me want :)


  • 9/14/10 12:28 peri:

    i think the tokidoki stuff is adorable. i love all the packaging, its fun and creative…but i just dont know about the quality of the makeup…everytime i go to sephora i play with it, i think i might actually need to suck it up and just buy something lol. see how i really feel about it.


    • 9/14/10 13:34 the Muse:

      depends peri some stuff is pretty good and some not so much hit and miss :-D


  • 9/14/10 13:15 dina:

    adieu palette shall be mine :) comb too, can’t justify the price on that dryer though!
    i love that they are coming out with so many items, not so crazy about the robbery print though


    • 9/14/10 13:30 the Muse:

      thankfully I’m safe, I rarely dry my hair but def want the comb and brush dina :-D not really crazy on it either. wish they did something more with adieu, appeals to my inner goth!


  • 9/14/10 13:18 Phyrra:

    I think the tokidoki stuff is adorable. A friend of mine is super into it and has a purse and phone cover :)


    • 9/14/10 13:34 the Muse:

      dd absolutely adore it :-D I have sneakers hehe!


  • 9/14/10 13:57 Lindsay:

    Oh heavens, I need it all! I’m a giant tokidoki fan. I especially love their shadows so I’ll definitely be purchasing the Adieu palette, the glitter liners first, and of course the mirror to see how beautiful everything looks on me! :p


    • 9/14/10 14:15 the Muse:

      LOL lindsay you’re adorable :D


  • 9/14/10 14:04 Tohnia:

    I want ALL of this! I saw the palettes and the new bags (ninja/thief style WHAT?!?!?), and now I need to get the brushes, the comb, the liners, the new pocket mirror (one of them…there are 3 =D), and the headband. I want to see if they come out with a Christmas version of the bags before I pick up another one. Christmas Day is my birthday! =D


    • 9/14/10 14:14 the Muse:

      omg that would be adorable tohnia! It’s not my bday but I’d buy it :D ha!


  • 9/14/10 14:08 chibicheeks:

    omg omg omg! I want the Mozzarella palette and the eyeliners! I wonder if I can hold off till FF???


    • 9/14/10 14:14 the Muse:

      I was thinking the same chib! Will I make it!?


  • 9/14/10 14:32 dangster:

    OMG, I must get the comb, mirror, and hair dryer!

    Boo for not making iphone 4 cases though :(


    • 9/14/10 14:51 the Muse:

      I was thinking the same dangster :P


  • 9/14/10 15:27 Regina:

    omg now i want all of these!!!


  • 9/14/10 17:12 Sarah G.:

    My hand mirror broke last week, so it must be a sign. I need that hand mirror. I think I can wait to see the back of my head until it’s available at Sephora.


    • 9/15/10 13:13 the Muse:

      lol sarah!


  • 9/14/10 22:59 LorraineER:

    If the eyeliner set was of the Perfetto liners instead of the pencils I would be all over it but I think I’d probably pass on it all-except the headband!


    • 9/15/10 13:07 the Muse:

      lorraine the willpower I bow down to it!


  • 9/14/10 23:05 marron:

    want!! Must get comb, hair dryer, and adieu palette! -flings money at sephora-


    • 9/15/10 13:07 the Muse:

      haha marron sign the check over!


      • 9/15/10 16:00 marron:

        lol yeah


  • 9/15/10 1:46 Melissa:

    I didn’t want anything from this line until i saw the hand mirror. Now that is super cute and shall be mine or at least go on my wish list :)


    • 9/15/10 13:03 the Muse:

      melissa I kinda want it too and the comb and brush :D


  • 9/15/10 11:18 Patrizia:

    Oh, I want the Mozzarella palette too! >_<


    • 9/15/10 11:56 the Muse:

      me to patrizia :D


  • 10/5/10 15:16 Localola:

    Through my ten year old daughter, I’ve become obsessed with everything Tokidoki! Wanted so bad the “hard” iphone case from Sephora, but they are totally sold out and will not have them again…unless a new style comes out for the holidays. Bought myself a tote bag….and have been stocking up for my daughter for christmas: Have the brush, hand mirror and nail files.


    • 10/5/10 15:54 the Muse:

      Hi LocaLola the ipad cases haven’t launched yet. Sephora normally does a sold out until the stock comes in but they will be available for the Holidays. Hope this helps :) That’s awesome you got all those lovely goodies for your daughter for xmas she’s going to adore them!


    • 10/5/10 16:46 LorraineER:

      What a cool mom!


  • 10/11/10 20:07 luna:

    i have the mozzarella eyeshadow quad. its so cute!

    by the way, i was able to meet the creator of tokidoki at the nyc comic con! he was really nice :D i was able to get his limited edition street fighter vs tokidoki t-shirt. so cool!

    the tokidoki products at sephora are even super adorable ^^


    • 10/12/10 13:32 the Muse:

      hey luna I was at comic con too this weekend w00t ;-D did you have fun? I didn’t see Simone Legno sadly :P


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