Tom Ford Nail Polish Tom Ford Black Orchid Nail Polish

My lemmings are strong for Tom Ford Nail Polish this morning. First Lipstick, now Nail Polish, can we expect a full line of cosmetics soon? I’ll buy anything with Tom’s name on it, the man could sell me snow in the Summer.

Have you consumed today’s ?


  • 9/13/10 12:35 leira:

    That colour is gorgeous!


    • 9/13/10 12:58 the Muse:

      agreed leira screams fall and holiday to me!


  • 9/13/10 20:34 Rose:

    What a beautiful colour!!!!


  • 9/13/10 21:49 ValentinaSugar:

    Ohhh!! That looks lovely. So rich and dark. Have u tried the lipsticks Muse? Are they nice?

    On another note have u seen the pics for MAC a Tartan tale collection? They look fab!


  • 10/15/11 13:50 Ryan:

    Oh my god. Muse, are you hauling anything from Tom Ford’s cosmetics collection this year? I think they’re coming out in November, 2011. I know I’m going to have to get a few things, but my pockets are going to hate me for it.


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