Twirl By Kate Spade

I’ve a very big fan of some of Kate Spade’s whimiscal purses! I just recently purchased the Beantown Quinn and absolutely adore it, won’t be using it until Winter thought but I still like taking it on little walks around my bedroom….

Kate Spade is such a fun designer when it comes to purses so I’m kinda hopeful that the new Twirl fragrance will be just as fun and fancy free as some of the purse designs I love so dearly.


Twirl by Kate Spade contains fruity notes of pink watermelon mingled with blackberry and red currant starting this blend off with fruity, sweet notes. Add in some fresh flowers including orange blossom, tiare flower, and sweet magnolia you’ll get a mix of both fruity and floral notes but end it with musks and a touch of french macaron and you’ll end up with a bit of foody thrown in for good measure.

Sounds captivating doesn’t it?

Or at least to my nose it does….

I do believe I need some.

What do you think?

Twirl by Kate Spade is available now from

I do believe one large bottle has my name written all over it!

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