Urban Decay Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos

Mmm Urban Decay taking a note from Chanel with the introduction of Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos!

See updated photos.

Are you up for a little false ink?


I gotta say after seeing this image I was convinced that I needed some Urban Decay Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos, that looks rather stunning on doesn’t it?

These last 3 to 5 days with proper care and you’ll receive three sheets covered in various designs including chains, charms, pendants, flowers, stars, etc…..

The temp tats are actually hand-drawn illustrations that can be mixed and matched together and applied with water. Super easy!

They are available now at www.urbandecay.com

How do you feel about temp ink?

I can say yes considering how incredibly undecided I am about anything, real ink would pose a problem as I could never commit to anything for too long!


  • 9/7/10 14:49 Adora:

    They seem really expensive for what you get, but if there bug Ill probrebly buy them next time


  • 9/7/10 14:55 peri:

    those look like fun, might have to get me some :)


  • 9/7/10 16:50 Casey:

    I kind of like the Chanel ones better, although the price tag on those was crazy for temp. ink. I have enough of my own real ink, anyway. :)

    The flower design on the bottom right is kind of nice though!


    • 9/7/10 16:52 the Muse:

      chanel ones had a more advertising feel for me casey 😀 I’m too much of a mind changer to commit to real ink so these are ideal for me 😀

      Where’s your ink what do you have?!


  • 9/7/10 21:42 Phyrra:

    I love temp ink, so cute :>


  • 9/7/10 21:55 Storm:

    I’m not a fan at all! I don’t mind real ink, and I get the appeal, but these are not for me.


  • 9/8/10 12:21 Sarah:

    I pretty much detest temp tattoos…waste of time and money…i have a ton of my own tho so it would be silly to add falsies lol


    • 9/8/10 12:39 the Muse:

      ha sarah pretty pointless if you have ink 😀


  • 9/8/10 16:16 Bonnie:

    I regret my one tattoo so I am even anti-fake for myself! :) (Tho BF has about 6 real ones and counting…don’t mind ’em on him or others, just not for me…)


    • 9/8/10 16:20 the Muse:

      bonnie I’ve never gotten one for that exact reason 😀 I can’t decide on stuff and if I committed I’d want it removed within a day lol how come you regret it?!


  • 9/9/10 10:06 Bonnie:

    I really don’t like having that much attention drawn to myself…and I got it in a place (on my upper arm) that it is not always appropriate. I have had it ‘removed’ but unfortunately you can still tell something is/was there. It’s not like you have perfect skin that matches the rest of your skin. The tattoo itself wasn’t of anything bad, but I definitely regretted it after a year or so. The tattoo removal doctor told me that many people are like what you would imagine yourself to be–that he had patients come in not an HOUR after they got their tattoo and already wanted it removed!!! He said he can’t do it that quickly–you have to wait a certain amount of time.


    • 9/9/10 10:12 the Muse:

      wow bonnie. I didn’t think many people had regrets tbh. I figure once you’re in, you’re in 😀 But it’s understandable and I can relate, it’s one reason I’ve never had it done because I’d be like that…want it off within two minutes lol


  • 9/9/10 15:23 Bonnie:

    Oh yeah. One blog that I read (not beauty-related), the girl is fully sleeved on both arms and also on both legs–pretty much everywhere. And although she’s a beautiful girl with great style, she really hates and regrets all of her tattoos. Now, that makes mine seem like nothing!!


    • 9/9/10 15:24 the Muse:

      wow bonnie that blows….jeepers :(


  • 9/15/10 10:51 sparklyblind:

    I think the UD tat is kinda wack (correct me if I’m wrong but it looked like the set came w a temp UD logo tat & I think thats lame.) I also already have some real ink & have for yrs, I regret none of it! They all stand for important parts, points, goals in my life so I can’t ever “outgrow” them. I feel confident saying that since it’s been 12 years since my first one & although I do have what some may consider to be more than a few (6, although I count 2 as 1 tattoo/piece of artwork, so really to me I have 5. Those two are located on the same spot on both arms to be symmetrical & have a specific signifigance to me, too much to get into) I’m in no way a hodge podge or whatever! I always said that I’d never be like that & it’s funny because nobody believes me when I tell them how many since it takes them so long to even notice the first one which is on the inside of my wrist (apparently that spot isn’t as big of an attention drawer than I thought it would be!) As for temp tattoos I think they’re a cute enough way to play around and maybe prepare for a real one but I saw it as a Chanel knockoff too (and I liked Chanel’s better) so I’m not very excited. The girl w the feather necklace down her chest looked nice but I have to wonder what my boyfriend or whoever would think/say about using temp ink for looks like that especially since it’s not marketed for Summer & bikini season. I got a few Adorn samples w my Sephora orders & haven’t used them yet but was contemplating “dressing up” a tattoo I already have for about 5 minutes one night in the bathroom! I may do it, why not? It’ll come right off in seconds if I hate it. I just feel like I shouldn’t play around w it like that though because I see how & understand the whole “it’s an addiction” thing so I don’t want to start lemming for a new tattoo only because I played around w some UD or Adorn:) I’m in no way gang affiliated, btw, I just have alot of emotion in the art I do have, like, my sister who’s in the Military & I have a secret tiny heart in the same place that we went & chose & got done together to stand for “sister love” and it may sound cheesy but no matter where we are on the planet or in our lives, it really meant alot having done that. I think they should’ve kept the Bling Rocks! Especially yet again for Holiday! They revamped the sweet, sparkle body shimmer boxes, introduced the ink, I think it would have been nice to keep that aspect (body adornment) growing, just how they have the self tanner & LE roll-on fragrance but UD does what they want, as we can see w their impulsive inclusion of MCRA in EVERY palette. Did you check out the model’s super foily/reflective gold nails? I wonder if they’ll have another LE nail stash this year released closer to the Holidays:) ?


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