Victoria’s Secret Holiday Collection 2010 Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Makeup Collection

A little taste of Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2010. Gag with me over the new Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Makeup Collection won’t you? Perfect start to our weekend!


As you can see the typical line up of gift sets we’ve come to know and expect!

However, what really captured my interest was the Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Collection.

  • Victoria’s Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer
  • Victoria’s Secret Nail Lacquer In Midnight Glamour (Midnight Blue)
  • Victoria’s Secret Luminous Highlighting Powder
  • Victoria’s Secret Deluxe Eye Palette
  • Victoria’s Secret Deluxe Lip Palette

As soon as I know any further updates information I’ll be sure to post it but this is a great prelude of what’s to come from VS this Holiday season!

Whatcha think?

Have you consumed today’s ?


  • 9/10/10 11:16 Stephanie:

    I’m excited to test out all those new perfumes!


    • 9/10/10 11:18 the Muse:

      me too stephanie!


  • 9/10/10 11:45 dina:

    ohhh nice packaging! smelled the regular (not shimmer) bombshell & not crazy about drydown. wanna check out the very sexy now, angel stardust,l & loving that makeup as you said! did you get to the midnights yet? it says woods on the bottles, my only possiblilty pure seduction didn’t do anything for me so skipped it. can’t wait to see the beauty rush winter stuffs too! such a sucker for the seasonal anything . .. . don’t even get me started on philosophy seasonal 😉


    • 9/10/10 12:17 the Muse:

      haven’t smelled bombshell yet dina always kinda meh on the shimmer perfumes and such tbh. love shimmer but not in my perfume 😉 No sadly not I WISH! I can’t wait for the BR winter stuff either ;-D we are such addicts……



  • 9/11/10 0:19 clementine:

    Loving the packaging! I wonder what the colors will be, though.


  • 9/11/10 5:26 Gia:

    ooo!! I’m such a VS addict it’s horrible! I so buy into their whole image it’s horrible! I’m with everything from VS like how makeup people are with MAC….. The fact that VS’s makeup is getting much better (quality wise) makes me happy! THe studio fix foundation (lightest shade) is my holy grail foundation :)

    Groveling to the VS goddesses (supermodels?) aside i’m soo looking forward to this. The makeup looks amazing. And i already smelled bombshell! loves! Do you know if those are the only colors coming out in the makeup collection?


    • 9/13/10 14:09 the Muse:

      Gia I really enjoy VS as well. I collect the LE makeup :) not sure yet but promise to update when I know more!


  • 9/11/10 10:07 Michelle:

    Are there gonna be any new holiday edition beauty rush products for this year?


    • 9/13/10 14:07 the Muse:

      haven’t heard yet michelle but as holiday approaches I’ll update!


      • 9/14/10 9:47 Michelle:

        TKS 😀


        • 9/14/10 10:07 the Muse:

          welcomes michelle!


  • 9/11/10 10:09 Phyrra:

    The blue packaging is pretty.


  • 9/11/10 14:58 Stavroula Plag:

    Everything looks so pretty and shiny!! :)


  • 9/12/10 18:27 sillylilacs:

    hmm…LOVING the packaging, enough to spell loving wrong a couple times lmao definitely need to drop by a VS for some sniff work =D


    • 9/13/10 13:47 the Muse:

      hehe lilac ;-D


  • 9/14/10 15:39 HautePJ:

    I’ve been surprisingly impressed with their makeup the past two years so I’m looking forward to Midnight Glamour!


    • 9/14/10 15:41 the Muse:

      pj I gotta agree. some of the special editions haven’t been so fabulous lately from VS but def interested in MG 😀


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