Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit

I’ve always wondered how the Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Makeup Kits are, hmm, as bad as Sephora?

Packing 50 products in one palette for $29.50 does make me skeptical but it sure looks pretty!


  • 30 Silky Eyeshadows
  • 5 Lip Glosses
  • 5 Perfect Lipsticks
  • 4 Blushes
  • Luminous Powder
  • Translucent Powder
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara
  • Lip Liner
  • Eye Liner
  • 5 brushes

Available now from Victoria’s Secret.

What do you think?

  • 9/15/10 11:27 jenna:

    this looks somewhat tempting but i fell for one of those 5 for $10 deals on Vicky Secret makeup one time and trashed every last thing! the makeup is rubbish IMO but i have been fond of some body products from time to time.


    • 9/15/10 11:55 the Muse:

      it’s def hit or miss with vicky secret makeup jenna ;-D!


  • 10/21/10 17:57 Bassin Jobe:

    This makeup kit is just wonderful , its make u look good.

    you have to have it instore again because i want it.


  • 12/8/10 12:34 lisa pfeifer:

    i would love to win and i love this website


    • 12/8/10 12:36 the Muse:

      Hi Lisa this isn’t a give away?


  • 2/21/12 14:47 Suzanne:

    I have it and love it! Mix the blushes and get a blended color. Only thing I don’t like is I am scared to travel with it. I may drop it break the colors and CRY!!!I also love the mascara =)


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