Yankee Candle Anti-Bacterial Fragranced Hand Soap

Yankee Candle has gone down the Antibacterial Hand Gel path and they even have Lip Balms, I know right? A candle store that carries beauty accessories, who knew?

But seriously I think the idea of buying antibac and lip balm at a candle store is kinda a bit strange but hey I’m all about fun beauty bits and bobs.

Most recently, imagine my surprise, when I seen Yankee Candle Anti-Bacterial Fragranced Hand Soap!

Look out Bath and Body Works, there’s a new soap empire on the rise!


Walk into any Bath and Body Works store right now and they are REALLY full frontal about their antibacterial line. Don’t ask me when it happened, blame swine flu, but BBW really hits the hand soap world hard lately. Seriously, I think they have more hand soap going on than they do other Bath and Body products.

Is your BBW like this?

It’s Attack of the Hand Soaps!


Yankee Candle may be gearing up to build their own epic soap empire.

So far they offer hand soap in Garden Sweet Pea and Midnight Jasmine, which honestly, don’t sound too appealing to my nose however if Yankee decided to start creating scents like Christmas Cookie in this formula, I’ll be on it like white on rice.

What do you think about antibacterial soap showing up at Yankee Candle?

Would you like to see more scents?

Which ones?

Would you buy them?

I’d definitely buy ’em but they need to do a little bit more for me in the ways of fragrances. Come on Yankee, you have so many incredible blends you can do better than Sweat Pea and Jasmine.

Available now from www.yankeecandle.com

  • 9/21/10 12:03 Kristina:

    Ooh I agree about the Christmas Cookie! I’d like Pumpkin for fall too!


    • 9/21/10 12:15 the Muse:

      oh pumpkin yes Kristina ;-D!


  • 9/21/10 13:45 Phyrra:

    I have to admit, I have the buttercream cupcake (I think that’s the name, I have the candle too) in the lip balm. It’s SPF 15.


  • 9/21/10 21:02 Ellie:

    YES PLEASE! I love seeing a shelf of Yankee candles and ripping the tops of the jars off and smelling every one of them. I’d go for some soap.


    • 9/22/10 9:53 the Muse:

      ellie dontcha love the sound of opening up a candle?! that sucking nose?! ;-D


  • 9/21/10 22:12 Heather / Eyeconic:

    I got a car freshener thing last year in the scent BOO, but they don’t have it this fall! And the pumpkin smell I liked doesn’t come in a car thing, lame! I do have some Vanilla Lime lip balm though :)


    • 9/22/10 9:52 the Muse:

      heather those never work for me :( the car fresheners :(


  • 9/24/10 0:42 Bri:

    If it comes in Midsummer’s Night I’m so there. I buy a bunch of tea lites from their store every year but they’re so expensive I use them sparingly like they were made of gold or something lol


    • 9/24/10 12:26 the Muse:

      bri they have some of the best tea lites I ever used, yes quite costly but still good stuff ;-D


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