Bath and Body Works Reindeer Pocketbac and Bath and Body Works Cupcake Pocketbac

Thank you for making my Halloween all the more wicked this year Bath and Body Works. I absolutely adored your Halloween PocketBacs! I mean seriously who doesn’t need Vampire Blood, Spider’s Web, and Zombie Liquid in their tote. I know I’ve always felt Zombie Liquid was an essential item, right up there with lipgloss.

Now that the weather is growing colder though, I think I need to switch it up a little bit as pumpkins, ghouls, and goblins clear the way for reindeer, candy canes, and Jolly Old Saint Nick.

Ok, the weather isn’t that cold but I’m so all about Holiday 2010 already and, go on, admit it, so are you!

Bath and Body Works Reindeer PocketBac anyone?

Check it!

Ok, so since they are new I’m not yet tired of this idea. Call me a kid but the idea of Apple Mint, Cocoa, and the new Cupcake flavors of PocketBac are so fun!

Check ’em!

  • Bath and Body Works Reindeer Pocketbac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel in Dasher’s Apple Mint ($1.50)

  • Bath and Body Works Reindeer Pocketbac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel in Rudy’s Cocoa Mint ($1.50)

  • Bath and Body Works Cupcake Pocketbac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel in Strawberry, Red Velvet, and Coconut Cream ($1.50)

The mini Pocketbacs are $1.50 each of 5 of ’em for $5 bucks.

I think they are the sweetest little stocking stuffers don’t you?

Available now via a sneaky peek link. Click!


Loves ’em?

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  • 10/13/10 10:49 Vanessa:

    yay! i got the halloween ones too lol


    • 10/13/10 11:03 the Muse:

      me too Vanessa ;D


  • 10/13/10 11:20 PauFM:

    Isn’t it crazy that we’re not even halfway through October and the halloween ones are already sold out??? man, i loved them but i didn’t stock up, just got a couple.
    just a heads up, there are some other scents too:
    theres the amazing vanilla vean noel (YAAAAY!!!), twisted peppermint, and also a blue cupcake one (blue chiffon? never had one of those cupcakes before…) and lemon glaze cupcake.
    time to jit up my local BBW!!


    • 10/13/10 11:50 the Muse:

      I KNOW FM! I looked in store and they are GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh thanks ;-D you rock!!!!!!!!!


  • 10/13/10 11:30 Ludwig:

    O M GEEE. I am going to buy the Red Velvet one in bulk!! : D


    • 10/13/10 11:49 the Muse:

      ME too Ludwig Red Vel is my fav girl!


  • 10/13/10 11:50 Ally:

    Oh yes Muse I am SO ready for the holidays already!!! Very cute little things, I may have to go pick some up :)


    • 10/13/10 12:13 the Muse:

      ha Ally at the rate I am doing I’d say I am in full Holiday mode lately. Didn’t get a chance to enjoy Fall yet! sheesh!


      • 10/13/10 12:34 Ally:

        Haha me too Muse!


        • 10/13/10 12:48 the Muse:

          ok ally let’s step back, breath, see the pretty fall leaves. Santa is over 80 days away LOL


  • 10/13/10 12:44 jonnie:

    OMG… I was just there two days ago; I bought some of the few remaining Halloween ones and a strawberry cupcake. I would have bought five more had I seen the red velvet! Red velvet cake is incredible! Bummer.


    • 10/13/10 12:48 the Muse:

      Jonnie haven’t seen red velvet cake here yet OMG need!!!!!!!!


  • 10/13/10 17:28 Andrea:

    Oh dear… I’m pretty much broke from recent hauls, plus I’ve got tons of brand new Pocket Bacs lying around, but these are SO freaking cute and the scents sound so yummy! Red velvet cupcake = want.


    • 10/14/10 11:12 the Muse:

      andrea red velvet cake I must haz!


  • 10/13/10 23:54 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    These are toooo cute! I’m totally going to need to stock up. I’ve already bought the Zombie/Marshmallow one (and the glow in the dark holder). Those cupcake ones look delish.


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