Gorilla Perfume Lush Lust Solid Perfume Review

Lush’s most popular shampoo bar? I’d have to say Godiva. Everyone adores it, including my sister who stock piles it all crazy-like. I like Godiva but it isn’t a favorite of mine.

However, fans of the shampoo bar will be overjoyed that one of the newly launched Gorilla Perfume Fragrances is actually Godiva but renamed.

Let’s have a look!

Well Lush Lust is pretty much Godiva dressed up in a fragrance package. So if you’ve always loved Godiva in your shampoo, you’ll absolutely adore it as a stand alone fragrance.

Lush recently launched its Gorilla Perfume Collection in the UK and I’m happy to report many of the main fragrances have launched in the US as well. For me, its a very long time coming. Lush exceeds at making superior fragrances but has never really delved in fully and with Gorilla they are doing just that and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Lust is straight, pure, dominant jasmine. Depending on how you like your dosage of jasmine, full on or diluted with other notes, will be your main problem when deciding if Lust is for you. Lush doesn’t cut any corners here they give you straight, floral jasmine which can prove overwhelming for some and gorgeous for others. As I mentioned above, if you’re a fan of Godiva it’s a given you’ll absolutely adore Lust.

I personally don’t love Godiva but I don’t hate it either so I find Lust is a very soothing scent. It starts out a bit overwhelming and slightly nauseating however it dries down to a very calm, soothing, fresh floral scent that warms on skin beautifully creating a senusual haze. It’s different and unique even though it proves its worth by a single floral note.

I tried it in the solid perfume option however Lush also offers it as a spray perfume. Surprisingly the solid fragrance is strong and true and it lingers quite long. Plus the twist up solid design works a treat for travel and touch ups.

Lust won’t prove itself a scent for everyone however fans of Lush will easily adore it as well those who love floral blends. Lust brings Jasmine to the table in all it’s glory and makes it into a sexy, sensual scent that will put a slightly naughty smile on your face.


Available from www.lushusa.com

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  • 10/21/10 13:11 Cj:

    This was one of the solids I got a while ago, While it isn’t my favorite it still is a really sexy/sensual scent like you said :)

    On a side note in my recent lush order I ordered the Vanillary solid and a Tuca Tuca candle which I’m really excited to try lol


    • 10/21/10 13:33 the Muse:

      hey cj you’re going to adore vanillary ;-D it’s so gorg! Tuca Tuca smells like a lush store to me ;D


      • 10/21/10 14:36 Cj:

        It totally does! I love love love it :) it seriously is one of my favorite scents ever. I can’t wait to get the candle 😀 Gonna make my room smell like a lush store lol, I’ll be able to close my eyes and pretend I’m at lush rofl 😀


        • 10/21/10 14:43 the Muse:

          lol ;-D perfect CJ!


  • 10/21/10 13:22 Cindy:

    Ieuw… i have a sample of it, and i don’t like it…. Tuca tuca however, i love it !!!!


    • 10/21/10 13:32 the Muse:

      I love Tuca Tuca too Cindy ;-D


  • 10/21/10 13:28 Heather:

    Icky poo. All their perfume scents are floral with the exception of karma. I want something new! Even the vanilla smells florally and I loathe it. I want a fresh crisp citrus scent.


    • 10/21/10 13:37 the Muse:

      Orange Blossom heather? 😀


      • 10/21/10 19:53 Heather:

        I didn’t like that one either, had a floral scent as well. I am kind of picky. Floral scents just smell rank on me.


  • 10/21/10 21:04 Jessie:

    Muse, you must have read my mind. This is in my shopping bag too. How I wish the interweb was 4d, so we could upload scents! I’m trying to rack my brain remembering whether I have smelled jasmine before.

    I am a bit apprehensive of trying Lush’s solid perfume, so I chose this as it is only £4.50, as apposed to the £10 for the rose one (please times 5 for my currency)! Though I have to admit, the word ‘sensual’ did have a say in my choice (come on, which lady wouldn’t want to be sexy?)

    Is the redness of the solid staining your skin or anything else? How did you apply this? Just a smear on the pulse points?


  • 10/24/10 15:33 Amanda:

    I just got some samples in the mail, and Lust by far was my favorite. I really like Flying Fox which also has a super strong jasmine sent. I have noticed though it seems like Lush perfumes settle different on each individual. I guess that can be part why Lush is so awesome! ♥


    • 10/25/10 10:50 the Muse:

      awesome amanda ;-D glad to hear this is your fav ;-D! they do indeed to settle differently on individual body chemistry


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