Lush It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint Review and Swatches

Oh Lush, have I told you lately that I love you? Mmm forget it, I tell you too often. Don’t want you getting a big head about it now!

But I will say I simply adore your new It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint!

Gorgeous stuff, you need it.

Check it!

A tinted lip balm featuring red apple, cinnamon and white chocolate flavor!

I’ve never been a fond fan of Lush Lip Balms however I will make an exception for Lush It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint. Oh how I love it so.

First things, first, the taste. Oh the taste. What a delicious cocktail of apples and cinnamon that give a tingle to my lips and a little zing! I don’t get the white chocolate but I do get a healthy dose of cinnamon which makes my lips tingle a fair bit! Notes of crunchy, tart apple comes up next so you’re left with a warm, spicy apple cinnamon taste. Part of the novelty is definitely the fragrance and flavor of the balm!

Next up the tint….

Not only is it tasty but it’s also a beautiful shade of warm, rich red. It stains lips a really healthy shade of red that should flatter most skin types particularly darker ones.

Even better?

I like to double it up on my cheeks! OMG! It works so incredible on my face. It gives me a bright, warm flush of red on my cheeks that’s very natural and healthy looking! Honestly, it works better as a blush in some cases than a lip tint ha!

As with most Lush Lip Balms, it’s really a harder texture. This has always been a major issue with me in regards to their lip balms. Sadly, the texture is hard and doesn’t feel particularly moisturizing or hydrating on.

You really have to dig in and swirl around a fair bit to get it worked up a bit to get it to smooth on properly. I actually don’t mind in this case since the color makes the extra work for application well worth it!

  • Anyone looking for a flush of color on lips (and yes, go ahead and use it on cheeks).
  • Anyone who likes little flavored lip balms!
  • Anyone who wants a cute Fall lip balm that stains their lips a warmer shade of red and their cheeks a healthy shade of color!

  • Anyone seeing a highly emollient, hydrating lip balm.
  • Sensitive types (this has a healthy kick of cinnamon which makes lips and face tingle).

One of my biggest pet peeves with Lush Lip Balms is definately the harder texture but in the case of It Started with a Kiss it can be easily overlooked for the cute color it imparts on lips and cheeks. It makes my face look so healthy when used on my cheeks! Absolutely adore it.

(Lips and Cheeks: Lush It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint)

Well worth a pick up!

Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • 10/6/10 14:50 jenna:

    makes me even more excited for the snow fairy one!!


    • 10/6/10 15:07 the Muse:

      me too jenna ;-D that looks like a beautiful pink!


  • 10/6/10 15:00 Stephanie:

    I was skeptical of the tint at first because, like you, I am not a fan of Lush’s balms (although I do love the scents of Whipstick and Honey Trap!), but ISWAK has definitely surprised me. I picked up a pot of it at my local store Saturday and have had it with my at all times since then! The color is so pretty. I don’t have an issue with it being too hard–mine is soft enough that it goes on smoothly. However, it is not hydrating at all, so I have to be mindful of that!


    • 10/6/10 15:01 Stephanie:

      Oh, and I forgot to mention now I am dying to try the Snow Fairy lip tint! Have you made a Christmas order yet? I am trying to hold off!


      • 10/6/10 15:02 the Muse:

        I did indeed and SF lip tint was one item I got Stephanie. I did a uk order last week ;D


        • 10/6/10 15:11 Stephanie:

          I can’t wait for all your reviews!!


          • 10/6/10 15:13 the Muse:

            can’t wait to get it all Stephanie ;-D

    • 10/6/10 15:03 the Muse:

      the scents are great but the lack of hydrating and harder texture are such a deal breaker for me Steph :( but I must say I agree! The color is super! It’s so pretty on! ;-D Have you tried on your cheeks?! Do it! Comes across so awesome imho! 😀


      • 10/6/10 15:12 Stephanie:

        I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely will. I am about to sneak off to my bathroom at work and test it out. LOL.


        • 10/6/10 15:13 the Muse:

          go go tell me how it looks ;-D Curious if you like it! It wears LONG dude!


          • 10/6/10 15:19 Stephanie:

            I actually do like it on my cheeks. Such a pretty color!

          • 10/6/10 15:19 the Muse:

            ha ;-D awesome!

          • 10/6/10 15:19 the Muse:

            ps reminds me of DuWop Cheek Venom kinda ;-D

  • 10/6/10 15:01 Cj:

    Wow I actually just ordered this off of lush’s UK site like 2 days ago with a bunch of the new Christmas stuff :) I’m really excited to try this out now lol! I also can’t wait to try the ‘Lip Dip’ which is supposedly a fizzing sherbert lip scrub, Yum lol 😀


    • 10/6/10 15:02 the Muse:

      omg cj I can barely breath waiting for my lip dip! it sounds so great ;-D I ordered it from the UK site too!


  • 10/6/10 15:28 Eli:

    Could you please put a photo of how it looks on your cheeks and lips?


    • 10/6/10 15:29 the Muse:

      will do Eli! Tomorrow or Friday deal?


  • 10/6/10 15:28 Marisa:

    I just finished my Honey Trap lip balm and I’m looking for a new lush lip balm (: At first it as a little bit harsh to work it BUT If i put the tin in a warm room or near a light it melts to the point it’s super creamy!
    I have to try this and the snow fairy one 😀


    • 10/6/10 15:30 the Muse:

      Marisa yea…drives me bats how hard they are sometimes 😛 I leave it sitting on a warm radiator for a sec and it warms up nicely ;-D Snow Fairy looks darlin’ in pink! can’t wait to get it!


  • 10/6/10 16:03 Ava:

    I am so glad to hear good reviews on this one! These sounded like good products on their website, but since I heard lots of bad stuff about their lipbalms i didnt want to order. But this really sounds like nice on! ecpecially the smell. I love cinnamon apples!


    • 10/6/10 16:23 the Muse:

      Hi Ava def has good points and bad ;-D But love the tint so much!

      Great blog you have going ;-D Like your header. Good luck with it!


  • 10/6/10 17:39 Kairi Yi:

    Hi Ms. Muse!!
    I am.. a total make up junkie!!
    I managed to spend well over 3000 at Sephora this year alone.
    I am a late bloomer, as my make up obsession started with a
    harmless, simple gift card to Sephora from my sister in law back in christmas 2009
    But, I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your detailed and honest
    posts you do on items. I always try to read a review from you before I go out and buy.
    Thank you!!
    Also, I LOVE when you generously announce super duper sales ;D


    • 10/7/10 12:01 the Muse:

      NICE Kairi ;-D welcome to our world hehe! ;-D awwww thank YOu so much for such an amazing comment ;-D I’m glad you came out to say hey today! Hope you’ll do so again ;-D I’m truly flattered you enjoy the site and my babble! xoxox hugs!


  • 10/6/10 17:57 rowan:

    love this, it looks so natural too


  • 10/6/10 18:00 rowan:

    ooh and snow fairy lip tint is even more gorgeous :) it’s very pink!


    • 10/7/10 12:00 the Muse:

      I got mine yesterday rowan, wow very pink ;D love!


  • 10/6/10 18:47 Eve:

    I got a Lush Balm before and the girl there told me to keep it in my pocket to get it gooey. Made it oh so better to put on!


    • 10/7/10 11:36 the Muse:

      great idea eve!


  • 10/6/10 18:58 Eileen:

    This was one of the things I picked up online at Lush yesterday so I’m anxious to see for myself if I’ll like it too. I already know I love the colour and I bought the pink Snow Fairy one for the pretty colour as well. From what you’re saying though I may have to wear a clear moisturizing balm over top. Guess it’s be-kind-to-my-lips month cause I picked up the Bubblegum lip scrubber too …. ;D


    • 10/7/10 11:59 the Muse:

      you’re going to dig it Eileen ;-D the snow fairy one is so yum too! ;-D Def works great with gloss on top as it is a tad on the dry side!


  • 10/6/10 21:10 shusheshe:

    I’ve purchased one or two of their lipbalms in the past when they were on sale. I find that keeping them in my pants pocket for an hour or two softens them up nicely for application.


    • 10/7/10 11:33 the Muse:

      shush great idea ;D


  • 10/6/10 22:10 Ryou:

    I adore Lush lip balms! But I admit, now that I’m not in the tropics anymore, they harden up pretty badly and end up giving my lips that icky waxy feel. =__=;

    Keeping the tin in your pocket for a few minutes before applying really helps, though. ^,^v


    • 10/7/10 11:32 the Muse:

      ryou yeah :( I normally try to keep them in a warm spot to get them to melt a little!


      • 10/8/10 19:28 Ryou:

        lol I keep my Rosebud salve under my laptop pillowy table at all times. Kind of a shock really, considering until a couple months ago I was in a place where can’t even leave a candy bar out for ten minutes without it turning into a gooey mess. =’D


  • 10/7/10 0:30 jill:

    i am already swearing by this tint. i have issues with reapplying color during the day and finding one i’m willing to but this one stays in my pocket and bam, i got a sweet looking kisser!


    • 10/7/10 11:31 the Muse:

      jill glad you’re loving it ;-D it really is a nice one for stashing in your purse!


  • 10/10/10 18:36 Sherry:

    Wow….I would NEVER have believed this stuff until you mentioned it and I tried it……
    Keeping in your pocket or next to your cell ?? Beautiful AND smart.
    Thanks !


  • 10/12/10 21:16 Gina:

    Hey, I’m lovin this on the lips AND cheeks also! ;D Beautiful, beautfiul pop of color and sooo portable and cute..what’s not to love!


    • 10/13/10 13:06 the Muse:

      Yay gina ;-D dontcha think it gives a nice warmth to cheeks? ;D


  • 10/18/10 11:09 Erin:

    I didn’t like this one. It looks great on you, but on me it looked like 99 cent lipstick (the color looked extremely cheap on me). I almost kept it for the smell lol, but I returned it sadly.

    Hey Muse, I have a question about lip scrubs…which do you prefer, Sara Happ or Lush?



    • 10/18/10 15:19 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it erin :( that stinks girl! I actually like an Etsy seller’s ;-D compared to both Sara Happ and Lush hehe. But if I had to choose I like Sara Happ for the good scrub they give and Lush’s for the AWESOME taste ;D


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