Sara Happ Red Velvet Lip Scrub

I love Red Velvet Cake. A bit too much if my wobbly status is anything to go by. I love the look of it, the smell of it, and, of course, the taste of it.

It kinda reminds me of Valentine’s Day for some reason plus it’s different. Why go for standard boring old chocolate cake or yellow cake when you can have blood red cake….


Am I right?

Well…speaking of all good things Red Velvet, here’s some fun info about a new Lip Scrub from Sara Happ!

Sara Happ is coming to the Plaza Beauty to launch her new flavor of Lip Scrub, Red Velvet! Yes, that’s right, Sara Happy Red Velvet Cake Lip Scrub. I think I just died in someone’s arms here. How gorg does that sound?

Sara Happ will be at Plaza Beauty today to launch the new scrub from 2 to 4 pm @ One West 58th Street. Better news than a Red Velvet Lip Scrub? How about a Todd English Red Velvet Cupcake? Nom! Every purchase of the new Red Velvet Lip Scrub will receive a free, evil cuppycake today (while supplies last).

The scrub sounds great but I’ll take the cupcake any day!


I don’t have time to head over there today but I hope to see this online soon! I must try it!

Any Red Velvet Cake fans out there?

Loving the idea of a lip scrub that tastes like your fav dessert?

Do share!

  • 10/13/10 13:27 Shamini:

    You know, we don’t have Red Velvet Cake here in Norway – and I desperately want to make some. I’ve been looking online for a recipe, but we don’t have any decent color, so I think I have to send a wish list to some of my American friends. I want Red Velvet!


    • 10/13/10 13:37 the Muse:

      shamini airmailing you a red velvet cupcake ;D hehe!


      • 10/13/10 14:07 Shamini:

        Aaw, thank you! 😉 I’m sure some greedy sweet-tooth of a postman would have eaten it before it had reached me….


        • 10/13/10 14:12 the Muse:

          lol shamini!!!!!!! aw ;-D or it would get squashed le sigh! come to NY treat you to a cupcake evening out ;D


          • 10/13/10 19:34 Shamini:

            Well, if I ever get the chance to go back to NY (I have family in CT), I’ll take you up on the offer! 😉

          • 10/14/10 11:10 the Muse:

            That would be awesome shamini!

  • 10/13/10 13:49 Kelly:

    I love Red Velvet! When I was preggo, that’s all I wanted haha! I so want this. I hope B&BW carries it eventually. They have a Lipluscious in Red Velvet that’s awesome and I can totally see using these together! Yum.


    • 10/13/10 14:02 the Muse:

      ugh loves that combo kelly ;-D gloss and scrub ;-D ha! can’t blame you so nommy!


  • 10/13/10 14:52 Jennie:

    Oh, Muse, you made me look up recipes.


    • 10/13/10 14:53 the Muse:

      can I come over and try samples you bake Jennie ;D


  • 10/13/10 14:56 Phyrra:

    I LOVE red velvet cake! I love making red velvet cake!


  • 10/13/10 19:26 jonnie:

    Red velvet cake is so awesome. I had to spend three miserable months at North Fort Hood before I deployed in 2008. The chow hall had quite possibly the worst food I’ve ever had, even including the MREs (essentially super-preserved meals in bags you can carry around with you in the field). But, every few days they would have red velvet cake on the dessert table. Sure, it was not the best red velvet cake ever, but it was an oasis in the desert to me! My executive officer and I would stake it out, and if one of us went to chow before the other, we’d say hey, they had RED CAKE today! Oh yeah! :)

    Now I kinda want to go to Barnes and Noble and get a cupcake. I just ran though, and I would have to shower and change… hmm, am I lazy or snacky?


    • 10/14/10 11:24 the Muse:

      jonnie did you try the pumpkin creamcheese muffin at SB?! OMGZ

      dude. I dunno how you did it. This is why people in this country need to be more grateful to those who served if not for the fact you’re risking your life for the fact you have to deal with crummy food and lack of makeup in the desert ;D


      • 10/14/10 11:49 jonnie:

        Ooh no, I haven’t! That may have to be my Saturday morning treat this weekend… :)

        I ended up settling for a seven layer bar last night… I couldn’t get motivated enough to go all the way to B&N. It was tasty, but it was no cupcake! 😉

        As for the rest… I dunno, I love what I do. Going through all the stuff that really, really sucks makes me appreciate how awesome the good things are. I try not to take my like and the privilege I have for granted because of the perspective I get from training and deploying. I work really hard for the freedom to enjoy it! :)


        • 10/14/10 12:11 the Muse:

          it’s d-lish! with a pumpkin latte ;-D I’m SURE you do and did! Thank you for everything you’ve done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • 10/14/10 12:57 jonnie:

            Sold! 😀

            And, thanks. :) it’s nice to know people care.

          • 10/14/10 13:02 the Muse:

            I care Jonnie. Sincerely. xoxo!

          • 10/14/10 13:10 jonnie:

            Aww, shucks. <3

          • 10/14/10 13:40 the Muse:

            xoxo Jonnie ;D

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