Saturday Evening Post Individually Gift Boxed Soaps

Need a great hostess gift for the Holidays?

Check out the Saturday Evening Post Individually Gift Boxed Soaps in a pack of four will set you back a mere $16 bucks and change (plus shipping and handling).

The vintage wrapping featuring classic images covers from the Saturday Evening Post make this a classic, beautiful small gift! The set includes four tripled milled soaps in oatmeal, lemonade (two), and cranberry apple! Keep them all for yourself, give them all as gifts, or gift four special people with one each!

Available from QVC.

  • 6/12/11 15:13 teri-lyn pearce:

    I looked on QVC to purchase some more of the Saturday Evening Post soaps and did not find them on the website. How can I purchase more from someone else. I LOVE these soaps and do not want to give anymopre away unless I am able to purchase more.


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