Tarte Holiday Collection 2010

Ahhh Tarte. We wait for Tarte Holiday Collection each and every year don’t we? Why do we wait for it so eagerly? Because we love those MASSIVE palettes they release year after year (check it out).

Like years past, Tarte doesn’t disappoint, this year’s palette is a monster!

Let’s take a look at the Tarte The Jewelry Box!


Tarte The Jewelry Box $52

  • 16 Full-Sized Shimmering Eye Shadows
  • 16 Full-Sized Matte Eyeshadows
  • 8 Lip Glosses
  • 1 Mineral Powder Bronzer
  • 1 Highlighting Powder in Soft Pink
  • 5 x Long-Wearing Eyeliners

As you can see this is absurdly large and is such an incredible value. With the Sephora Friends and Family coming at us soon it’ll be an even BIGGER bang for your buck.

Tarte Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection $29
15 x Lipglosses in Bubblegum Pink, Vivid Pink, True Pink, Warm Berry, Deep Raspberry, Nude, Brown Sugar, Soft Peach, Coral, Whisper Pink, Apricot, Apple Red, Mauve, Tawny Brown, and Deep Plum

I’ve reviewed a similar set last year for you entitled Crown Jewels.

If your eye is on Gold as Gold you might want to check that post out.

What are you thinking of the Tarte Holiday Collection this year?

Excited about any of it?

Do share!

  • 10/13/10 21:02 cassie:

    Ok, I am NOT waiting for F&F because I am not taking the risk! I got the Jewelry box and the lipgloss collection today. I was wondering when you were going to say something about this!!!
    The outer packaging of the box is very cute, but its kind of flimsy and I am worried about accessing the shadows in the future without eventually breaking it.
    But the amount of product, AMAZING!!!! There is also a cute little necklace that comes with it thats not my style, but a nice addition.

    The lipglosses are nice too, there are only 3 that I am not crazy about, so its an incredible value.

    There is also a cheekstain set available that comes with a ring, I am still not sure about that one yet. I am more of an eye product girl, so this box is a no brainer for me.


    • 10/14/10 11:23 the Muse:

      cassie very smart. ;-D

      I’m an eye product girl too which is why the jewelry box def has my eye but kinda not sure about the stain or glosses since I have last year’s ;-D Don’t the shadows easily depot like most Tarte shadows? If so you can def get away with ’em that way ;-D The palettes are a bit bulky but they wear well from year to year as I have the original one they introduced and no breakage at all ;D and PLENTY still left!


      • 10/14/10 13:52 cassie:

        I ended up returning last years lipgloss set because I just dont like the color payoff. I am always on the lookout for more pigment in gloss.
        This year I thought it was a bit better.
        Cheekstains….I dont like blush! Why dont I like blush??? LOL :).
        I will have to see about those.


        • 10/14/10 14:40 the Muse:

          cassie pigment was ok for me but wish they were more glossy last year ;(

          LOL I’m a shadow girl so I can relate!


        • 10/14/10 17:55 Ruthie:

          I love a pigmented gloss, too – and returned last year’s Tarte Crown Jewel set for the same reason!

          So is this year’s really that much better, in your opinion??

          BTW, if you have never tried their cheekstains this might be a great opportunity for you – I was never interested in them at all (just didn’t think I was a fan of ANY type of non-powder blusher – and I believe in the less-is-more approach to powder blush, too – don’t need to look like a clown, thanks very much! LOL!! :D) but ended up getting a mini of Blushing Bride in a Tarte combo set I purchased last fall and tried it on a whim and it is AMAZING!!! Looks GREAT on my cheeks – VERY natural, plus I have used it on my lips, too! Totally changed my mind about Tarte’s cheekstains!


  • 10/13/10 21:29 kiwikiwidragon:

    not excited, sorries, its all made in china and their lip glosses have gritty glitter in them, no likey 98% of tarte cosmetics.


    • 10/14/10 11:10 the Muse:

      oops I didn’t know that all tarte was made in china….? are you sure?


      • 10/22/10 5:42 Cristi:

        Actually, only some of Tarte’s products are made in China. Most of it is made in the US. :3

        However, I do think that The Jewelry Box is made in China…


  • 10/13/10 21:45 Laci:

    I got the Tarte Ring It In Cheek Stain kit yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it! There are two great blush colors along with a fabulous highlight — AND a ring!


    • 10/14/10 11:09 the Muse:

      how’s the ring laci?! was curious ;D it looks HUGE!


  • 10/13/10 22:06 Cj:

    The jewelry box looks pretty cool, I like how it gives an equal number of matte eyeshadows. I’m the kinda person who only wears matte lol except this one that is way too irresistible (Iridescent True Blue 167 by MUFE) Great for when I wanna do somethin crazy :)


    • 10/14/10 11:08 the Muse:

      You’re my hero cj wish I can work with matte girl!


  • 10/13/10 23:19 Stephanie L.:

    Both look gorgeous! I want a holiday cheek stain set, not too sure if they have one yet, though. G’night!


    • 10/14/10 9:40 the Muse:

      hey do indeed Steph with a cute ring ;D


  • 10/14/10 0:59 Rose:

    Oh woww I am in love with the Jewelery box!!! I think I need it!! No.. I KNOW I need it!


  • 10/14/10 3:38 breyerchic04:

    I was hoping for cheek or lip stains. Mmm matte lipstain special for holidays.


  • 10/14/10 16:13 Kairi Yi:

    I bought the tarte lip gloss set last week for mini stocking stuffers πŸ˜€ what a gr8 deal! Thanks! :)


    • 10/14/10 16:22 the Muse:

      def an awesome deal kairi ;-D enjoy ’em!


  • 10/14/10 16:57 Larie:

    cuuuuute. not loving the lip stuff, but the shadows and shimmer would totally make up for it already!


  • 10/14/10 17:45 Ruthie:

    SWEET, chica!!! :) I do hope you get The Jewelry Box, girlie – would love to see your fab close-up pics of every inch of it!!!

    I ordered The Jewelry Box yesterday morning, myself – considered waiting for Sephora’s F&F but I didn’t want to risk it either (like one of the other girls commented, too) after last year’s experience – the Tarte Treasure Chest sold out completely on Sephora before I ordered it and then the only option was to get it on eBay – and it was selling for INSANE prices there! :(

    I was bummed out with the lack of pigmentation of last year’s lip gloss set – sent it back, actually. Am debating whether or not I “need” to try it again this year! LOL! πŸ˜‰



    • 10/15/10 15:57 the Muse:

      Ruthie promise to take pics if I get it ;-D I don’t blame u. It’s how I feel about these things too b/c they sell out FAST! same for UD palettes, they go fast ;( Last year it was a drier formula so I’m curious about this years gloss ;D Hugs happy weekend dear!


  • 10/14/10 18:04 kharanya:

    The post I’ve been waiting for! Except, I didn’t wait for it before I bought it at Sephora yesterday. Man, last time I was going to buy it during the F&F sale, they’d been sold out within 2 weeks or less of release.

    I really like Tarte eyeshadows, they apply so much silkier than Pur Minerals and I’ve been trying to revamp my makeup collection to less chemical products b/c of skin allergies.

    So are you gonna get it?? :)


    • 10/15/10 15:31 the Muse:

      kharanya VERY smart imho. seems tarte sells out like mad during ff! ;-D Def leaning towards the jewelry box ;D


  • 10/15/10 1:43 origami:

    Hi Muse,

    Yeah, I totally ran out and bought these. Okay, to be fair I happened to go to Sephora to return some stuff today… and then remembered seeing these on your lovely blog and ended up buying both the jewelry box and the glosses. I couldn’t help it (especially since I was going to get so much $ back from my return)! Plus, I was super bummed to learn that the Friends and Family sale doesn’t include Canada. *tears*

    Bah, who am I kidding – I’d have bought this even if the F&F sale did include Canada. I’d hate to miss those glorious shadows!

    I’m mostly interested in the shadows and liners, but am also looking forward to using the glosses. I would have much preferred a few cheek stains over the bronzer and highlighter, though, especially since one contains corn (zea mays) and the other gluten (oat) – both being allergens.

    My one other quibble with the set (aside from the fact that the outside packaging seems a touch delicate) would be that the shadows are not so easy to depot as in other sets. All of the other palettes of theirs that I own are magnetized so you can pull out the shadows and switch them around. The ones in this set are glued in so getting them out without damaging them is / will be tricky.

    But don’t get me wrong! these are basically just small issues. IMHO, this set is just great and the value is sensational! The colors run the gamut from intense to subtle and offer a ridiculous amount of choice. The only way they could have improved the shadows would be if they had included a β€œhow to” card of suggestions. πŸ˜€

    PS – if you want to reveal to me that the F&F sale does actually include Canada and I’ve been misinformed I won’t mind. πŸ˜€


    • 10/15/10 15:37 the Muse:

      Awesome origami ;-D Jealous of your haul girl! Honestly even if you did try for FF they’d prob be sold out so it’s better that you got them now and no sadly no ff in canada sigh!

      I agree I miss the stains in the palette ;-D I’m surprised to hear they didn’t as lately their “super” palettes all have look instructions! Enjoy your haul hun πŸ˜€


  • 10/15/10 9:30 brittany:

    already ordered the jewelery box! where is the cheek stain set you guys are mentioning? i can’t find it on sephora.com and am nowhere near a sephora :(


    • 10/15/10 15:30 the Muse:

      hey brit check the first page I posted about it today hun!


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