Tokidoki Carezza Paddle Brush Review, Photos

Do I need a $30 Paddle Brush? Probably not but the Tokidoki Carezza Paddle Brush needed to be mine.

Totally a wacky purchase on my part.

Check it!

I gotta say it’s probably the biggest paddle brush I’ve ever own. You can beat someone with this thing.

The handle is super long and the actual brush head is huge. Best part? It really works out tangles in a flash with minimal fuss or pain. It doesn’t tug my hair and it quickly gets it smooth and in shape. Honestly, totally worth the $30. Great paddle brush overall.

Even better?

The awesome Tokidoki design!

It’s available in two designs, I purchased the White Robbery brush. It’s really a cute comic depiction of a cat burglar. I’m not sure how long the design will hold up. It’s printed onto the brush but I normally use a paddle brush after a shower which means this will become wet again and again and again so I’m curious how long the image will last. Hopefully it doesn’t fade.

I’m honestly never paid this much for a brush before but I’m quite happy with it overall. It was worth the $30 alone for the way it works through my hair in as little as three strokes and dispenses with tangles and knotting. That’s saying something considering my hair falls almost to my top of my butt at the moment.


Have you picked up any of the TokiDoki Hair Accessories from Sephora?


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 10/29/10 12:46 courtney:

    cute but wow pricey!


  • 10/30/10 3:35 Cristi:

    Adorable! I totally wanted this when on saw it on Sephora’s site. Can’t justify the $30 atm. ; ; Glad to hear it works awesomely, though. :3

    I hope the image doesn’t scratch off. I get so pissed when that sort of thing happens. (><)/ You'd think they'd lay a a coat or two of some kind of clear resin over it…


    • 11/1/10 12:15 the Muse:

      I hope not either Cristi I’ll cry ;-D I used 20% off to get it so that helps the price a LITTLE 😀


  • 10/30/10 4:02 Ruthless:

    I love the tokidoki line, but I’d pass on this brush-the way cheaper Paul Mitchel one I have that is identical except for kawaii prohibits me from spending, although if you can afford it it’s cute


  • 10/30/10 13:08 brici:

    I LOVE IT!!! i saw the makeup brushes at sephora and they are the cutest thing!! i dont need them and thats what i keep telling myself everytime i purchase something at sephora….


    • 11/1/10 11:57 the Muse:

      lol same here brici but I never listen to myself ;D


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