Tokidoki Editor’s Tin Collection

I had mentioned yesterday that the TokiDoki Robbery Palette is available on QVC for $35 yesterday plus most of the Tokidoki line is packaged up at discount prices with, wait for it…..FREE shipping at QVC. Sweet right? If you haven’t viewed the selection yet definitely do so as they have some very nice gift options available and with the free shipping it really adds up to some nice savings!

I was looking at the Tokidoki Editor’s Tin Collection which has several full size Tokidoki products in a sweet collector’s tin.


This set includes three eyeshadows, one eyeshadow palette, kabuki brush, nail file, eyeliner, and lipgloss all housed in a collectible TokiDoki Tin for $135.

Cute right?

Is it weird that I just want the tin?

Loves it!

Available from QVC.

Definitely take a peek at the selection of products available and take advantage of the free shipping offers now as who knows how long they’ll last.

Happy haulin’!

Any TokiDoki favs?

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  • 10/20/10 16:29 KristyQ:

    LOL – No, it’s def not weird that you just want the tin! That’s EXACTLY what I thought as I was reading your review….:) Wait, er…does that mean we’re both weird? LOL


    • 10/20/10 16:30 the Muse:

      LOL Kristy ;-D let’s go 50 50 and we can share custody of the tin ;D and toss the makeup out LMAO!


  • 10/20/10 18:10 peri:

    i want it!


  • 10/21/10 2:55 Melissa:

    i want the brush please and than you :)


  • 10/25/10 12:56 Tracie:

    aww, i just love tokidoki! it’s so flippin cute :0
    do you know if qvc will ship internationally?


    • 10/25/10 13:01 the Muse:

      aw sorry tracie I don’t believe they do :(


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