Victoria’s Secret Metallic Eyes Deluxe Palette and Victoria’s Secret Bejeweled Eyes Deluxe Palette

I admit this year’s Fall palettes from Victoria’s Secret was such a crushing disappointment. The sets included a full face look with instructions but they just failed to excite me and I felt let down that I didn’t get a special Fall LE Collection. I’m stamping my foot, WHY? VS, WHY!?

But it’s ok.

Your new Metallic and Bejeweled Palette make up for it!

Check ’em!

I love these.

Or at least I love the idea of these. The promo images look incredible. It’s six shadows, one liner, and one highlighter in a box set availble in metallic and shimmering finishes however they both look like a sparkle finish to me but hey I’m not complaining! I have a feeling the highlighter won’t be of much use to me and the liner probably won’t be fab but I’m betting the shadows are pretty damn great.

Check it!

  • Victoria’s Secret Bejeweled Eyes Deluxe Palette

  • Victoria’s Secret Metallic Eyes Deluxe Palette

The sets are $19 each and available from from Victoria’s Secret for Holiday 2010.

I think I need both but I have my eye on the Metallic the most.

Whatcha think?



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  • 10/20/10 13:14 courtney:

    i agree. I think I’l stick with the MAC gift sets!


  • 10/20/10 13:51 Josie:

    Ohhh i want the metallic eyes! We FINALLY got VS in Toronto now so i’ll
    have to check the store. Thanks for posting Muse!


    • 10/20/10 13:53 the Muse:

      my pleasure Josie ;-D go shop girl!


  • 10/20/10 14:04 Phyrra:

    I REALLY like the look of the metallic eyes one.


  • 10/20/10 17:38 Daisy:

    Hi Muse. Love your site! Long time reader; first time poster. The metallic eyes reminds me of the Too Faced kit from last year.


    • 10/21/10 15:43 the Muse:

      aw thanks for taking time out to comment daisy good to meet you!!!!!!!!!! ;-D I agree, def has a certain too faced vibe ;D


  • 10/21/10 9:46 Promise:

    I thought in an earlier post you said the eyeshadows weren’t great and they creased? I think the idea is cool, but I’ve got sooo many VS shadows, I’d rather splurge and stock up on some MAC products 😀


    • 10/21/10 10:38 the Muse:

      Hi promise I haven’t tried these box sets yet so unsure where you read that these shadows crease :) The box sets just came out for Holiday 2010 and I haven’t even seen them in store or reviewed them yet so not sure if they crease and what not :)


  • 10/21/10 11:26 BeautyMaven:

    I kind of like the Bejeweled eye palette.. but I’ve been kind of disappointed with their shadow consistency in the past, so will definitely have to go play!
    Aaaand I know you’d probably have this on here if you knew, but any word of a Heidi Klum collection this year?! I always look forward to that!!


    • 10/21/10 12:12 the Muse:

      agreed maven ;-D I do too haha! Haven’t heard yet but will give the word when I know. didn’t like last year’s much ;(


  • 10/21/10 13:44 Daisy:

    I wonder if there will be a Heidi collection this year. Didn’t she leave Victoria’s Secret to model for Ann Taylor clothing?


    • 10/21/10 14:00 the Muse:

      mmm not sure Daisy ;-D we’ll see! It’s already too late to pull a collection that has prob been in the works for a year or so considering she just recently announced she was leaving. Curious!


  • 10/23/10 13:04 tini:

    Man these look hot! Victoria’s Secret is a horrible place to hide a makeup counter.

    I’m already spending a ton of expensive bras and BAM! these pretty shadows will just fall in my basket and find they’re way in my stash. The beauty rush glosses stalk me! I love ’em and since they’re cheaper if you buy more, i never leave with one gloss, I get like 6


    • 10/25/10 12:04 the Muse:

      LOL same here tini!!!!! damn beauty rush!


  • 11/9/10 1:18 Christina:

    I wonder why these are only 15 dollars in store? Weird.


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