Anna Sui Holiday Makeup Coffrets 2010

Yes Style is stocking the Anna Sui Holiday Makeup Coffrets this year. The coffrets are $70 each which isn’t too bad a mark up from their retail plus you get free shipping.

Here’s a lookiee!

The sets are available in warm or cool sets and include the following items:

  • Anna Sui Gel Eye Color 2010
  • Anna Sui Lip Gloss
  • Anna Sui Cheek Color
  • Anna Sui Pouch

I honestly haven’t indulged in a Anna Sui Coffret in a long while most because the brand appeals to me as a collector’s item but not practical, conventional makeup. Let’s face it, it’s just too pretty to use!

Available now at

  • 11/19/10 13:13 Stephanie L.:

    I am always scared to buy Anna Sui. I bought two lipsticks one time that looked gorgeous (sheer and shiny but nice). They smelled and tasted very chemically, and just got worse and worse over time. I had to throw them out. I am wondering if I just bought a bad batch and if I should give her another go?


    • 11/19/10 13:14 the Muse:

      I’ve never experienced that Stephanie. Where did you purchase them!?


  • 11/19/10 13:24 Stephanie L.:

    *shameful look* I got them from ebay. They were pretty expensive (same price as the store, but the colors were no longer available in store), and it was a high rated seller, but I am thinking they were maybe a bit old??? Since that is not the norm, I am sure I will try again. Thanks!


    • 11/19/10 13:27 the Muse:

      ahh they were prob old Stephanie or could be black market perhaps!? your welcome but I didn’t do anything ;-D


      • 11/19/10 13:41 Stephanie L.:

        Haha! Sure you did. Maybe I should have typed a sarcastic thanks a lot, now I can obsessively look at Anna Sui on the internet, again….juuussst not on ebay. Have a good weekend!


        • 11/19/10 14:41 the Muse:

          LOL Steph oops wallet crying ;-D you too dear, I can barely wait for it to get here!


  • 11/20/10 0:46 Melissa:

    which one did you go with? I remember eons ago when her line was at Ulta. Do you remember that? I loved it then but now that its not mass available i’ve lost interest but yet for some reason i love skinfood and thats not mass available. Ok I’ll be quiet now.


    • 11/22/10 9:54 the Muse:

      not ulta no Mel but remember it at Sephora, like 10 years ago!? ;-D I didn’t get either one. Anna Sui fails to excite me b/c I end up tucking it away and never using it so I’ve forbidden myself to buy it 😀


  • 11/20/10 12:39 Eileen:

    Yes great packaging ….. love it!


  • 11/20/10 14:06 Asuka:

    Girls, I’ m very satisfied with my Anna Sui products. I own face Luxury powder, which amazinnnng, and an eye shadow, which applies really well and is very comfortable to wear.

    This Christmas set is so charming!! I would buy it discounted, though. And unfortunately, Yes Style does not offer free shipping for Europe, for orders under $ 150. :(


  • 11/22/10 12:44 HautePJ:

    Oh my, the cheek pot and the tiny purple puff looks so cute!


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