Bath and Body Works ScentEgg Twisted Peppermint Review

I finally ran across the Bath and Body Works ScentEgg in Twisted Peppermint. I read about it online but hadn’t seen it in shops or on the Bath and Body Works website but I finally came across it in store and did a little happy dance in the aisle as I adore me some Twisted Peppermint.

Check it!

This is just a little home fragrance egg which is filled with Twisted Peppermint scented fragrance oil mixed in with some sort of liquid base. It’s not particularly strong but it’s a nice item for smaller spaces. I put one on my end table next to my bed and another on my desk and I can catch little snatches of Twisted Peppermint fragrance while I’m resting in bed or sitting at my computer.

Granted, I can just buy Twisted Peppermint Fragrance Oil and burn it and get a stronger scent but this is nice for in between uses plus it throws a festive little fragrance into the air putting me in the mood for the Holidays!


Bath and Body Works ScentEggs are $5 each and they last for about a month before needing to be tossed out however I normally just refill them with a touch of water and some fragrance oil and proceed to reuse.

Happy Days!

Love Twisted Peppermint?

Do tell!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/15/10 17:06 Amy:

    I love sticking these things in closets. The scent sort of builds up so when you open the door you really get a great whiff. It also seeps into the towels and sheets wich is lovely. I think i may put one in the coat closet to combat that wet wool/dog smell coats get.


    • 11/16/10 13:12 the Muse:

      amy me too! I put them in my linen closet as well and in with my coats and such ;-D


  • 11/17/10 6:13 petitez:

    So cute! Twisted Peppermint; it must smells great!


  • 11/22/10 12:41 Stephanie:

    I love these but I have the hardest time getting the little “egg top” plastic piece off of it!


    • 11/22/10 12:46 the Muse:

      omg YES Stephanie but good news the new ones are way EASIER!


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