Demeter My Melody Cologne Spray Review, Photos

When I was a kid and well into adulthood I love/loved Hello Kitty. Yes, I say it’s ok to admit to loving Hello Kitty even when you’re far from your tween years.

Now…I gotta admit…Isn’t My Melody way cuter though? Must be those ickle wabbit ears that make her so much sweeter looking than Hello Kitty right? Plus she’s like a hybrid isn’t she? Fake ears but a real rabbit tail…so is she a cat or is she a rabbit or is she a hybrid of both!? If we take those ears away what’s hiding underneath!?

These are the questions that keep me up at night….

Speaking of cute I spritzed myself this morning with the Demeter My Melody Cologne Spray.


Yum! This is delicious. If you’re a fan of foody fragrances this is for you. I honestly didn’t feel like this “smelled” like My Melody, I assumed she’d smell way sweeter but it’s still quite lovely none the less.

Her fragrance is that of a vanilla pound cake actually it’s the strongest note in the fragrance. It’s smooth, vanilla, slightly buttery, and all cake. Hints of warmer almond are laced in the blend but for the most part it’s a very cake-y scent.

I purchased the 4 oz trio set from Demeter which is $79 for three of the new Sanrio scents. Purchasing this saves you around $40 or so as each 4 oz bottle normally runs $39.50. I’m happy to have the large size as you do really need to spritz on quite a bit to get good linger and throw on these since Demeter scents are definitely weaker when it comes to lasting power.

I liked My Melody alot but she wasn’t exactly what I pictured as her signature scent. I was thinking her fragrance would lean more towards being berry-ish maybe. What do you think?

The Hello Kitty Demeter Fragrance Collection is available at


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/22/10 11:29 Maddie:

    Too cute! I love mymelody, but chococat is the best. And I think she’s just wearing a hat =P


    • 11/22/10 11:30 the Muse:

      she’s sweet maddie ;-D chococat is a fav of mine too ;-D Actually it’s a cloak but she’s really a rabbit according to Sanrio ;-D but I always fancied her a hybrid cat slash rabbit haha!


      • 11/22/10 18:44 Maddie:

        Yeah i guess it is a cloak =) Oddly enough it reminds me a little bit of little red riding hood =)


        • 11/23/10 13:19 the Muse:

          it does! wants to see that movie btw Maddie ;-D did you see the trailer by chance?!


          • 11/23/10 13:24 Maddie:

            Yep i did! It looks pretty cool =)

          • 11/23/10 13:27 the Muse:


  • 11/22/10 11:56 Desiree:

    I have a friend who is obsessed with Hello Kitty and she would LOVE the perfume! I agree with you, My Melody is cuter. :) I like Keroppi, the little frog.


    • 11/22/10 12:48 the Muse:

      desiree good giftee for her hun ;D


  • 11/22/10 14:57 Eve:

    Yes I agree 100% that My Melody is cuter! She is my absolute favorite and always seems to be the underdog.
    And I think the hat is just an ear cover hehe. 😉
    Vanilla doesn’t really make me think of My Melody either, but maybe more like lemon? That’s what comes to my mind.


    • 11/22/10 15:09 the Muse:

      absolutely agreed eve ;-D yup! it is, it’s kinda a cloak :) but she always looks like a cat to me like a hybrid bunny ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmm maybe lemongrass!!!!! ;D mixed with a hint of berry!?


  • 11/22/10 15:17 Regina:

    I must say I am partial to Hello Kitty…she is easily the cutest to me but all the Sanrio characters are pretty freakin cute. : )


    • 11/22/10 15:27 the Muse:

      aren’t they regina ;-D


  • 11/22/10 16:49 Lindsay:

    OMG I havent seen the little twin stars in forever! They used to be my favorites!


  • 11/22/10 19:41 tini:

    I ran a little late this morning and didn’t spritz anything this morning before work and the HK fragrances are right by my register so I may have possibly freeloaded on My Melody all day. Hey, it’s tasty! My boses know I love beauty stuffs and the kitty, the always make me put the stuff out, they should have put the perfumes RIGHT BY ME!

    i think your description is spot on.


    • 11/23/10 13:17 the Muse:

      LOL tini! ;-D you must have smelled SWEET ;-D


  • 11/23/10 11:58 Regina:

    oh i was such a hello kitty/sanrio fan as a kid i had hello kitty everything, baggie, dress and shoes lol oh and i think melody is wearing a hoodie over her ears so its probably her real ears^^


  • 11/23/10 15:22 Cristi:

    Ooooh~! Could you do a review for the HK and Little Twin Stars too?

    This was a super cute post. I think the reason you imagine her being a cat is because she sports that yellow nose that HK has too. When I was a kid I called it her “little corn nose” (secretly I still do…), but I also thought it looked like a bar of Dial! XD

    I like that they went with the vintage character designs for these. :3


    • 11/23/10 15:25 the Muse:

      yup Cristi def have one planned hun. ha you’re right it does kinda look like dial ;-D


  • 11/23/10 23:50 Chloe:

    I’ve been dying to smell these in person, but I think I may just bite the bullet and order the Sanrio one. The smell of the gum/erasers makes me flip! I’d spray that stuff all over my clothes!


  • 11/24/10 8:20 Annabella Freeman:

    I had puffy stickers of Little Twin Stars and My Melody, makes me wish I was a kid again!


    • 11/30/10 16:26 the Muse:

      god me too annabella ;D


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