E.L.F. Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Ahhh the great debate. Should you indulge in the E.L.F. Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette or shouldn’t you? 32 Eyeshadows, sponge applicator, mirror, nice slim compact, $5 buck price tag….sounds dreamy right? Where could you possibly go wrong indulging since the price isn’t too bad….

This year E.L.F. has two of these limited edition palettes available for the Holidays. The one I’ll be reviewing here today is the mini version which includes 32 shadows for $5 bucks and there’s another, which I didn’t purchase, that includes 100 eyeshadows for $10 bucks.

First off, these are obviously way popular because they are sold out however E.L.F. is allowing orders for when they do come back in stock. Secondly, I purchased mine on a sheer whim because I know alot of people wanted to hear about it, see photos, etc…prior to purchasing it for themselves. And thirdly, I am a bit of a makeup snob and palettes like this don’t always garner my love and attention. Slapping 100’s of eyeshadow into a palette can prove great particularly from brands like Urban Decay, hey bring that on, but present me with one from E.L.F. and I’m naturally a little wary about the quality.

Let’s have a look and see if this bad boy lives up to it’s “professional status” as dubbed by E.L.F.

32 Eyeshadows in a slim black compact case with a budget friendly price tag of five dollars.

E.L.F. fans may or may not love this. It really depends. There are people who are hardcore and really love the brand and everything about it. I personally am not one of those people. I started purchasing E.L.F. when readers emailed asking me to review items from the brand and some who even recommended me products, explaining to me how happy they were with the brands offerings and the cheap prices.

In my experience since, I notice purchases are a hit and miss situation with miss being a major factor. Sometimes I get something great from the brand that’s surprisingly decent quality for the price but in many cases my purchases from them end up in the makeup graveyard or even the trash. Sorry, I’m not being harsh, rude, or ranty, I’m stating a fact.

Now the E.L.F. Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette could prove great for a few reasons one of which is I like its simple, slim design. It’s a not a bad palette packaging wise. Some might dub it a bit cheap as it is plastic but it’s not entirely bad and has a nice look to it (I placed a MAC blush on top of it so you can see the size comparison).

Another reason it would fall in the realms of great is if you’re a teen or you have a teen in your life who likes makeup and wants to experiment with color. This is a very nice little starter palette for her or him. Although fabulous for newbies to color or makeup in general, again a nice starter shadow palette as you can muck around with it and create a few different looks and learn to contrast eyeshadows correctly and combine them without dishing out a ton of cash.

The shades included pretty much cover an array of color. Blues, greens, pinks, nudes, naturals, browns, blacks….you have alot of color here to create any number of looks and E.L.F. arranged them in a great way as they have contrasting shades located side by side so it takes alot of the guess work out of the best shades to gradate a look.

It is what it is and what it is, is cheap eyeshadow. Sadly, the formula varies on every single shadow in this palette which in my opinion completely ruins the entire product and cheapens it. About 5% of the shades are very nice velvety feeling powders that apply and blend dreamy, some of the browns are truly gems however the other 95% of the palette are made up of chalky, semi-matte shadows or shades that feel matte to me and look like they have chunky bits of glitter in them. These shades blend awful, apply chalky, and just look cheap on eyes.

The palette does have a bit of a chemical scent. Nothing too bad but the smell is there.

A sponge applicator works best with these as you’ll find it hard picking up color with a regular brush so use a sponge to pile color on. Speaking of applicators…they included one dual end sponge applicator. There is a large well on the bottom half of the palette to store it…ummm…irony of such a large space? They could have thrown in at least four applicators….jeepers!

  • Anyone just starting out in makeup (teens or older can enjoy trying out lots of shades and just playing around prior to indulging in something with better quality and formula to back it up).
  • Anyone wanting to inject color into their looks but a bit scared to splurge (if you’ve always wanted to play with color but not over spend on high end brands this is a good way to try out colors).

  • Makeup snobs (don’t bother, you won’t like this if you’re used to Dior, Guerlain, Etc….)
  • Anyone who isn’t keen on makeup containing mineral oil, talc, etc…(this isn’t made with the finest ingredients in mind).
  • Anyone wanting great color pay off and formula (pigmentation varies and in most case is chalky and formula is pretty much the same with about 90% of the palette being made up of useless, bad quality eyeshadow).

I personally didn’t love this palette. It had some good points but for the most part I felt many of the shadows weren’t usable. If they stuck with the same formula for all the eyeshadows they might have gotten a nice rave from me but it really is hit and miss by color and you never quite know which will work and which will apply and blend sloppy-like. Hardcore E.L.F. fans will easily rave this however I do not personally fall into the realms of a hardcore fan and personally don’t even feel like I’m bias because I like higher end brands, I do however feel like the palette borderlines cheaper makeup and isn’t the best quality at all.

No likey.

I’m just thankful they didn’t include, God Forbid, lip colors and blushes, that would make for a true hot mess!

$5 is a very nice price but if it ends up tossed in the makeup graveyard what’s the point?

Did you haul one of these palettes?

What did you think?

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 11/9/10 20:04 Kristen:

    I bought the 100 color palette, simply for review purposes. I went into it knowing that it wouldn’t be great. I don’t think its a bad palette, I also don;t think it’s a great palette. Id recommend the infamous 88 palette over this, simply because of the pigmentation alone. But I do think people might like it, who don’t like bold in your face colors. It gives a nice wash of color, and people can find out what colors work, and what doesn’t work.

    Ok this was a long comment lol.


    • 11/10/10 11:07 the Muse:

      same here kristen, same situation. review purposes only ;-D not at all, your feedback and input is valuable ;D!


  • 11/9/10 20:21 Promise:

    Am I becoming a makeup snob because I wouldn’t even THINK of buying this for myself? lol Cool, review, though, and it would be a great palette for a teen. Speaking of higher quality ingredients, which brands would you recommend that has really good ingredients?


    • 11/10/10 11:06 the Muse:

      not at all promise. I feel the same way ;-D I purchased this on a whim b/c readers wanted to hear about it but I def feared for the worst sadly. I’m not really one for following ingredients, I’m not always conscious of what goes into my makeup to be honest but if you’re looking for good for you I’d say Tarte probably.


  • 11/9/10 20:28 breyerchic04:

    I LOVE that you said her or him when talking about teenagers learning makeup.


    • 11/10/10 11:05 the Muse:

      ha breyer ;-D makeup is NOT limited to girls/women 😀


  • 11/9/10 20:30 Dee:

    Would you say it was better or worse than the 88 palettes? (I’m not a big fan of those either, but the colour payoff in them is generally quite good.)

    I can’t say I’m tempted by these palettes – I do like a lot of ELF products, but the eyeshadow quads are a bit meh, so I can’t imagine these would be any better.

    Nice review though, you’re very thorough and informative. :-)


    • 11/10/10 11:05 the Muse:

      Dee I haven’t tried my 88 palette as of yet so can’t compare but some readers say the pigment was better on the 88….I’ll be sure to explain the differences between the two as soon as I check my 88 one out ;-D

      aw thanks glad you enjoyed the review!


  • 11/9/10 21:42 BeautyMaven:

    You know, I like the individual shadows— some fall out, but still good color!
    I got the 100 shadow palette, but it’s for Christmas so I can’t play yet. (Nooo!( I hope it’s somewhat decent… if not, only $10, eh? lol!


    • 11/10/10 10:42 the Muse:

      Beautymaven that’s how I felt about this, meh, 5 bucks, didn’t hurt ;D


  • 11/10/10 0:19 makeup morsels:

    I always have this suspicion that big “blockbuster” eyeshadow palettes are too good to be true. I’m sure this isn’t always the case, but a lot of times you end up with chalky/powdery shades that aren’t worth the money.


    • 11/10/10 10:02 the Muse:

      most times for sure makeup morsels 😛


  • 11/10/10 0:35 Jessie:

    i actually got this on a whim the last time i was at Target and I definitely prefer my coastal scents 88 palette


    • 11/10/10 10:02 the Muse:

      jessie kinda bad isn’t it?


  • 11/10/10 1:51 Caroline:

    But you look happy using it :)
    Well I agree, ELF has some good and bad stuff, but which brand isn’t like that?
    I’m waiting for the 100 palette i bought from the UK site (after reading reviews) but I’m looking forward too use it as I don’t put myself into those professionals yet!
    I’m already disappointed of the ELF studio single eyeshadows, i really wish they were more pigmented but i’m still learning so it doesn’t matter that much and it was quite cheap so I dont bother too much!


    • 11/10/10 10:01 the Muse:

      lol Carloline ;-D maybe?! ;-D If you’re still brushing up on your technique I think this is a rather fab palette to do it with ;D


  • 11/10/10 4:02 Carol-Patricia:

    I am anything but a makeup snob but I have to agree about ELF being hit or (largely)miss. Paired with the fact that shipping can be quite high on the site, most of the time ordering from them just isn’t worth it.

    I think I am going to stick with my $11 ebay 120 palette.


    • 11/10/10 9:59 the Muse:

      carol very good point I do get irritated that if I want one single item or possibly two that I can never get them at a decent shipping price ;( so in fact, most times, you’re paying more than a buck for the makeup!


  • 11/10/10 9:12 Natasha:

    I saw this in Target and I almost bought it but I just knew the shadows would be chalky and my heart would break.

    Smashbox & Urban Decay have completely spoiled me….


    • 11/10/10 9:58 the Muse:

      Natasha ;-D totally can’t compete with UD and SB eh? ;-D


  • 11/10/10 9:39 Suzanne:

    THANK YOU for reviewing this because I am a big E.L.F. fan but I usually just stick to the lip glosses, nail polishes and tools. I agree that their eye shadows are definitely a hit or miss proposition.

    I did check out the Wet n Wild ColorIcon palettes based on your reviews and I am in love – in LOVE – with these shadows. I snagged all of the Holiday palettes and a few of the regulars.

    I hate to admit that I’m a cheapie makeup gal, so it’s nice when value and quality meet up. Thanks again!


    • 11/10/10 9:58 the Muse:

      Hi suzanne thanks for taking time to comment today ;-D I’m so glad you’re loving the ColorIcon Palettes, I too, love when value and quality meet up, it’s kinda rare and such a delightful surprise when it does happen ;-D def avoid this one :( it was a big miss imho!


  • 11/10/10 9:45 Regeena:

    I didn’t buy this palette and I have no intentions of doing so. I AM a fan of ELF (not hardcore, though) and I agree that it’s really hit or miss with them. I LOVE their blushes and their Studio brushes are decent. I have a couple glosses that I also like. The eyeshadows though…I find that some of them are FANTASTIC and others are terrible, which is exactly why I won’t buy this.


    • 11/10/10 9:57 the Muse:

      I agree regeena the studio line has some great gems but everything is a bit hit or miss :(


  • 11/10/10 10:45 Erica B.:

    I am so glad I saw this, because I keep coming across this at Target. I was not sure if I should pick it up, but know now to just leave it there and save my 5 bucks.

    I love their studio blushes, but the few shadows I have tried from them have been super chalky.


    • 11/10/10 10:51 the Muse:

      erica I adore the studio blushes too but these, MEH, def save the fiver for something else!


  • 11/10/10 11:09 Lauren:

    Some of these are really chalky indeed, but over a white base like NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk I got great color pay off with them. I really only got this thing for a few of the colors anyway,but I didn’t mind paying $5 at all.


    • 11/10/10 11:15 the Muse:

      hi lauren tried with a base but sadly didn’t work all that great 😛 but hey five bucks isn’t much indeed!


  • 11/10/10 11:59 Heather:

    Look beautiful as always. But man, there is no pigmentation to these shadows. Big fail in my book.


    • 11/10/10 12:21 the Muse:

      big one heather ;D


  • 11/10/10 15:22 Hana:

    I never really trust these palettes with a ton of colors. I did recently get one of e.l.f.’s book type palettes with 12 colors in it. It’s actually pretty great. I think only one or two of the colors weren’t very pigmented, there was no glitter, but they were mostly shimmery (which I like), and worn with the $1 e.l.f. eyeshadow primer they lasted over twelve hours for me with no creasing and very minimal fading! Great deal since I got it on sale for $4.

    I also just ordered some nail polishes from e.l.f. yesterday since they were doing $.25 shipping. I’ve never tried their polishes, so I hope they’re good!


    • 11/10/10 15:50 the Muse:

      hana awesome on the 12 color book! Glad to hear they applied and wore well ;-D cool! I haven’t tried that one myself but it looked tempting! Haven’t tried their polish but hopefully someone else pitches in and spreads the good word letting you know if they are worth it or not 😀


      • 11/11/10 17:07 Hana:

        At some point you should try one of the Beauty Encyclopedias or Beauty Books. They’re surprisingly nice!


        • 11/12/10 9:21 the Muse:

          hana I had one in my hand and ended up leaving it…I’ll have to check it out next trip to target!


    • 11/10/10 16:06 Dee:

      I have a few of the nail polishes – they’re nothing special, but they’re not bad. I think they’re better than any other super cheap nail polishes I’ve tried. And with the shipping that low you’re not out much if you don’t like them. :-)


      • 11/11/10 17:05 Hana:

        Thanks for letting me know. 😀 I figured at $1 each with shipping being almost nothing I might as well try them. I’ve found a lot of cheap nail polishes I really like, so I have hopes for these.


    • 11/10/10 23:13 Kristen:

      Are you talking about the Beauty Encyclopedias? I really do like those, they seem to be more pigmented then the single shadows and palettes. Also for $5 its a good deal


      • 11/11/10 17:06 Hana:

        It was actually one of the Beauty Books they had for back to school. They’re pretty much just like the Beauty Encyclopedias from what I can tell, but different colors. And yeah, they’re nicely pigmented and awesomely cheap!


  • 2/14/11 4:28 DivaEC:

    I bought 2 of the 100 palettes. I hope they are at least decent. I LOVE makeup and skincare products. I don’t consider myself a makeup snob because I have everything from cheap elf to very expensive products. I have so much makeup my husband is just baffled. He does not understand why I need so much. Ha! He did buy me a great organizer to hold everything. It was becoming a bit crazy as I had so many products all over the counter. :-)


    • 2/17/11 14:50 the Muse:

      LOL diva ;-D men just don’t get it girl ;D! we need LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! haha! I hope you like it, keep me posted!


  • 2/21/11 9:53 DivaEC:

    Agree! Men do not understand that if we need to use the guest bedroom as our own closet…..not to be shared, that is perfectly normal. It is also normal to own tons of makeup, skin care and fragrances……….enough to start a salon and boutique. LOL
    BTW, hate the 100 elf eye shadow palettes. They look cheap on and are way too sparkly for my taste. I guess I am spoiled. For a cheap option on a huge eye shadow palette, I do love my 88 Neutral palette. I use it every day.


  • 3/24/11 4:41 Lauren Morgan:

    I got this in August as I was entering college as I really hadn’t played with makeup much. For the price I think it’s really nice for a subtle day look, but I’m a too-faced junkie now >.<


    • 3/24/11 9:25 the Muse:

      ha too faced is fab lauren ;D


  • 6/27/11 15:12 smashinbeauty:

    Thanks for the review 😀


    • 6/27/11 15:23 the Muse:

      my pleasure smashin’! 😀


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