Hard Candy Holiday Collection 2010 Gift Sets

Tis the Season for gift giving and Hard Candy has some Holiday offerings that are sure to please the makeup junkies out there. A selection so cheap, so budget friend, so expensive, you’ll be thrilled that you have left over change to indulge in something more after these purchases!

Check ’em!

Feel free to share these images but please do not hotlink photos. Link directly to this post or source this post. Thank you! I do not have complete details on what each set includes but will update as soon as I have further information however some photos include prices and you can “see” what’s inside each kit quite clearly. The sets are popping up in Walmart stores already according to some of my readers. Hard Candy is sold officially and exclusively at Walmart stores.

I’m quite excited. Although some of the sets could be deemed a bit immature, products inside do have quality to back them up in my experience with the brand thus far and I’m quite excited to try out some of the baked eyeshadow sets. They look rather fab.

What do you think?

Loves Hard Candy at Walmart?


Do share your experiences!

  • 11/15/10 13:22 Polly:

    Oh!! These would make super cute stocking stuffers!


    • 11/15/10 14:33 the Muse:

      absolutely polly ;-D


  • 11/15/10 14:59 Marina:

    I saw a couple of these the other day…they look cute! I want :) Weird thing is, we STILL have nothing from the rest of the line…it just all of a sudden disappeared last year.


    • 11/15/10 15:03 the Muse:

      weird marina! wonder what happened. Where were they? Curious where Walmart is hiding them. I attempted to go in a few days ago and proceeded to turn around lol I hate walmart!


      • 11/15/10 20:42 Marina:

        The little gift sets were in a Christmas gift aisle with perfumes and brush sets.


        • 11/16/10 10:22 the Muse:

          thanks Marina ;D!


  • 11/15/10 15:06 peri:

    we dont have these yet! i want a bunch of them. mostly like…all of the nail sets lol. but some of the other ones are really cute. im keeping my eye out for em.


    • 11/15/10 15:13 the Muse:

      not here either peri on my last trip I only seen the blushes, concealer, etc…


  • 11/15/10 20:06 Kimberly:

    I went looking over the weekend & I didn’t see em’ out yet either. They look super cute though. That pop up palette looks promising.


    • 11/16/10 13:11 the Muse:

      I agree Kimberly looks very promising indeed!


  • 11/16/10 1:18 jackieg02:

    I saw a little bit of this collection last time I was in Wal Mart.
    Also, fun tidbit. There is a new polish by Hard Candy thats out thats called Beetle. It is a dead on dupe of the famous, sold out ORLY Space Cadet from their newer collection, and its half the price. Which I think is cool and the quality of Hard Candy polish is pretty good.


  • 11/16/10 9:45 sillylilacs:

    Yup I’ve just seen them at my local Walmart. The little baked eyeshadows remind me so much of Sally Hansen’s baked eyeshadows (the package and everything too!)


  • 11/16/10 9:47 Josie:

    Already checked 2 walmarts here in Canada but no luck yet! Does anybody know how their eye primer is? Any good?


    • 11/16/10 9:51 the Muse:

      good luck Josie hope it arrives soon!


  • 12/7/10 22:23 Erika:

    I looked at the brush set today and it was so CHEAP!!!..the bristles were those plastic type bristles!!!!!!!..i was so disappointed!!!..and the eyeshadow palette i had to take back when the cheap cardboard ripped and the little hearts and birds fell off and the magnetic closure would not stay closed!!!…….:(


    • 12/8/10 15:53 the Muse:

      erika does not surprise me, I got the pop up palette last night and WOW awful :(


  • 12/13/10 17:08 Alicia:

    The only set I’ve picked up is First Flush. I have only used the plumping serum so far, but I love that. I am happy with the set.


    • 12/14/10 16:40 the Muse:

      hi alicia glad you’re liking that set ;-D


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