Lorac Box Office Sensation Face Charts and How To Looks

Lorac Box Office Sensation Looks Face Charts 2010

Thank the makeup Gods! Lorac has some great face charts and how to’s for the Lorac Box Office Sensation Traincase. I’m so happy to see this as the one thing I didn’t like about the palette was the fact they didn’t include some “how to” looks! If you have the palette, these should be a very welcome tool for creating some great looks using it.

If you missed my review please see it by clicking here and proceeding to take the jump to see some the looks created by Carol Shaw, makeup artist to the stars and creator of the Lorac line.

Lorac Box Office Sensation Train Case 38

Some of the looks, well all of the looks, are truly stunning so I’m pretty excited to have instructions for recreating them plus ideas how to use my Lorac Box Office Sensation!

Lorac Box Office Sensation Looks Face Charts 4

Sparkle & Shine

Using the top left eyeshadow shelf, start by applying the lightest shade to highlight from lash line to brow bone. Use the bronze shadow all over your eyelid and softly blend in the crease. Then, apply the dark brown shade in the crease and outer corner, and then softly smudge along both the top and bottom lash line. For more drama, line and define bottom lashes with the black shadow.

Give your cheeks a warm glow using the bronze blush.

Use the light pink lip shade for punch of color.

Lorac Box Office Sensation Looks Face Charts 3

Retro Meets Modern

Using the top right eyeshadow shelf, start by applying the lightest shade to highlight from lash line to brow bone. Use the yellow-gold shadow all over your eyelid. Then, apply one of the dark green shades in the crease and outer corner, smudging along top and bottom lash line. Lastly, blend the mango-colored shadow on the brow bone.

Apply the peach blush to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy pop of color.

Use the peach lip color for soft, beautiful lips.

Lorac Box Office Sensation Looks Face Charts 1

Old Hollywood

Using the bottom left eyeshadow shelf, start by using the lightest shade to highlight from lash line to brow bone. Smudge the black shadow along the upper lash line starting at the inside of the eye and gradually thickening towards the outer corner while winging up and out for a cat eye effect.

Get a soft flush of color using the pink blush.

Dab on the red lip color using your fingertip for a natural-looking just-kissed look.

Lorac Box Office Sensation Looks Face Charts 2

Plum Wonder

Using the bottom right eyeshadow shelf, start by using the lightest shade to highlight from lash line to brow bone. Apply the light lavender all over your eyelid and softly blend in the crease. Apply the dark purple shade in the crease and outer corner, smudging along the top and bottom lash line. For added drama, smudge the black eye shadow along the top and bottom lash line.

Apply the dusty rose-colored blush on the apples of your cheeks for subtle elegance.

Use one of the neutral lip shades for subtly beautiful color.

You probably recognize the Sparkle & Shine look from Lorac’s Holiday 2010 promo. I was excited that the look was created using the Box Office Sensation because it’s really a great look and quite reminds me of Dior’s Holiday Look! I’m eager to try to recreate it.

Did you purchase the palette?

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  • 11/23/10 14:26 ☆Lola A♏ ★:

    I purchased during Sephora’s F&F. I’ve only used it twice and first time was fail. LOL I might try the Retro Meets Modern look.


    • 11/23/10 14:28 the Muse:

      aw sorry lola :(


  • 11/23/10 15:45 Courtney:

    I want this palette sooooo bad but unfortunately I’ve been temporarily cutoff from any more beauty buys (by my hubby ) until we get our christmas shopping done. Men suck lol I’m think I may just have to knock it all out on Black Friday and order this for myself as a reward. I wish men could understand that there is no such thing as too much makeup *sigh*


    • 11/23/10 16:12 the Muse:

      aww courtney! damn men ;-D vib 10% off is hanging around if that helps!? :D


      • 11/23/10 16:25 Courtney:

        Unfortunately it’s not really a matter of affording it. (though I do love a good discount). He just thinks I have too much makeup. Maybe I should show him some pictures of your stash? lol To be fair, he did just give me a $200 gift certificate to Sephora last month as a present and I’ve already blown through it so I can understand why he wants me to hold off for a little bit. It just sucks that they keep coming out with more stuff I want!


  • 11/23/10 18:02 Christine:

    Hi Muse! This is my first time posting a comment, but I have been following for a while – perhaps to the detriment of my wallet – as your site has shown me stuff I just can’t go without, sigh, perhaps I should have never even known they existed :P. But I have to say your reviews have been 99.99% on target for me. And even though I promised my self (and my hubby) to be frugal with my beauty purchases, I just couldn’t pass this one up. Plus, if you consider the value of the palette and adding in the VIB discount, I AM being frugal :). I had a Lorac palette from a previous season and just fell in love with the silky smooth texture. This palette just came today. Yay! And double yay to see this post – I can’t wait to try these looks.


    • 12/1/10 10:44 the Muse:

      hi Christine sorry for the delayed reply and good to meet you. Thanks for taking time to comment ;-D LOL aww I’m bad for my own wallet sometimes! Aw that’s amazing to hear! I’m so happy you hauled it b/c I agree it really is a great value! How is it working out for you so far?!


  • 11/24/10 3:29 Jane:

    My BF got me this from the sephora F&F sale and I used it the same night that I recieved it and I found that I didn’t need how to looks to use the pallet. While the looks are stunning but you could find these looks on Youtube especially the retro meets modern its a pin up look you type that into youtube and you get tons of results. I just don’t that brands should have to include how to instructions everytime they come out with a new pallet.


  • 11/24/10 11:18 Ru:

    Thanks for posting, it’s so helpful, especially because it’s Holiday Party Season! I lust after the sparkle & shine look, it’s so feminine and soft, but sultry as well. I decided I’m going to wear this to my company’s holiday party. I don’t have this LORAC kit, but I was able to recreate the look using UD Naked Palette: Half Baked on the lid, Dark Horse on the crease. For the lips I used Smashbox Lip Enhancing GLoss in Fame. I previously thought the blush was peach (it looked like it in some other photos) so I used LORAC peach blush. But since it’s bronze I’ll probably find something in my stash to match it.

    Love the Retro meets modern and the plum wonder as well, can’t wait to try it out!


    • 12/1/10 10:31 the Muse:

      my pleasure ru! ;-D thanks for sharing your fotd dupe! I’m going to try this as I have everything you listed ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 12/17/10 10:43 Ru:

        Oh Please let me know how it works out for you! Blending is so key here. I’m wearing it tonight and I’ll let you know how it comes out! On the LORAC website (http://www.loraccosmetics.com/c-21-whats-new.aspx) it says the lip color is Tie Die For Lipgloss in Social Mixer- so I’m going to be trying that. Interestingly enough, the blush there is a peachy pink. I guess you can really match it to your skin undertones. I will probably use a bronzy shade and then the peachy shade on top.


        • 12/28/10 16:13 the Muse:

          hey ru how did it work out!? ;-D and thanks for that link, was helpful!


  • 12/27/10 15:43 lolatengo:

    The old Hollywood look clearly has another shadow on the lid!


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