Lush Gorilla Fragrance Kit Review, Photos

So you wanna try a Gorilla out but not sure which one is for you, well, not a real Gorilla obviously but one of Lush’s new Gorilla Perfumes. Best way to do it? Grab the new Gorilla Limited Edition Fragrance Kit from Lush for $12 bucks and away you go!

This is an ideal set for trying all of the scents from the Gorilla Perfume Collection. The scents come housed in generous vials with little pointed tips for application. Simply tip the vial onto your pulse points and massage along and fragrance releases from a tiny hole in the vial’s pointed applicator! Best part? The fragrances have a high concentrate of perfume oil so you can 1. really experience the fragrance well before indulging in a full size and 2. get plenty of use from the vial since a little goes such a long way!

Scents you get are:

I’ve been reviewing the Gorilla Perfume Collection here on Musings so you can click the links embedded above in the fragrance names to read the scent reviews I’ve already covered. I won’t go into great detail on the scents here since I’m enjoying doing individual reviews for each but I will say they are all turning in something special and if you’re a lover of Lush, you’ll easily adore these scents!

Have you tried Gorilla Perfume?

Which are you loving?


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I’m totally leaving Karma (dirt and oranges dude, dirt and oranges!) and I’m not loving The Smell of Freedom, if this is what Freedom smells like you can lock me up and throw away the key but I do adore Vanillary, Imogen Rose, and Tuca Tuca so far!

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/10/10 12:23 Cj:

    Lol I don’t like Karma and The Smell of Freedom either! Those are like the only 2 I didn’t get in solids 😀 They are starting to come out with solids of their other scents (I don’t know if there considered Gorilla Perfume or not tho lol it’s very confusing) One is Breath of God which is like a real deep smokey floral if that makes any sense lol and the other one that they just came out with is called The Smell of Weather Turning which I don’t have… yet lol


    • 11/10/10 12:37 the Muse:

      me either cj too yak for me! Breath of God is actually a B Never scent from the old B Never days I wish they would release Keep It Fluffy :( I really miss it and only have a tiny bit left. I’m not sure about the smell of the weather turning but that may be a B scent too! ;-D


      • 11/10/10 13:10 Cj:

        Oh I see now lol I never got to try anything from B Never, But I looked over the perfumes Lush brought back and I really wanna try Ladyboy! Sadly, they haven’t released the solid version of it yet (I’m totally addicted to the solids :D)


        • 11/10/10 13:13 the Muse:

          cj don’t LOL ladyboy is SO strong it smells like bathos on crack cocaine lol ;-D Heavy duty violet and banana ;-D It’s not my fav B Never scent ;-D I guess it depends on what you like. If you tried Lush V, Ladyboy smells like it a little bit.


          • 11/10/10 13:23 Cj:

            Aw that sucks! The description made it sound so lovely lol

          • 11/10/10 14:59 the Muse:

            sorry CJ LOL it’s gag worthy to my nose ;-D you MIGHT like it who knows!? ;D

  • 11/10/10 16:50 Michelle:

    I was totally hoping for a set like this!!! Can’t wait to pick it up so I can sample all of the scents! :)


    • 11/10/10 17:21 the Muse:

      Michelle it’s a fab way to try them all before committing to the fuller sizes chica ;D


  • 3/11/11 23:27 Gretchen:

    Wish I grabbed it! Sigh. :( But can you tell me if you think I would like dirty? I like fruity and sweet scents but I also like mint and fresh things. Thanks a bunch!


    • 3/15/11 13:57 the Muse:

      hi gretchen. dirty is more masculine, has heavy minty base but the scent leans towards being more for a man than a woman imho. but it really depends, I like masculine scents but this one isn’t really for me. You might like it?! maybe get the sampler set ;D


  • 1/17/13 9:11 Disappointed:

    I should have read your review of the Lush Karma solid perfume before buying it. I read the rave reviews on makeupalley and bought it. Gosh, I hate it! It smells like frankincense and like herbal medicine. Ugh! I wish I could return it. That would be one scent I will never buy again!


    • 1/17/13 9:18 the Muse:

      i hate karma with a passion for me it smells like dirt and oranges :-/ GAG!


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