Lush UK Limited Edition Fragrance Party

Sorry for the delay posting this.

Today the UK had its annual Forum Party which includes special fragrance releases. I didn’t post earlier because the lines were busy for literally ages. I’m happy to report they are now open and ready. Lush UK will be available to call for the next few hours up until 10PM (5 PM Standard Eastern Time).

What’s this mean?

It means you can order any Lush products or Gorilla Perfumes PLUS special Forum Fragrances available in the following scents:

  • Lush Twilight Perfume £25
  • Lush Snowcake Perfume £23
  • Lush American Cream Perfume £22
  • Lush Black Pearl Perfume £22
  • Lush Big Perfume £22
  • Lush So White Perfume £18 (Click here for Review)
  • Lush Day of the Dead Perfume £24

I already own a ton of Snowcake, American Cream, Black Pearl, and So White as these fragrances have been done years past however I was so excited to see Big and Day of the Dead plus Twilight is also a welcome addition!

I successfully placed my order about 15 minutes ago after trying all day. Lots of busy signals to be had.

You can order by calling 011 44 1 202 668545 (the country code used is for US residents only, you’ll have to replace it if you’re abroad, within Asia, Etc….).

Lush UK used to throw these fragrance parties exclusively within the UK however in recent years they have extended it to NA. However, I haven’t heard when or if the US is having such a party and I didn’t want to take a chance of missing out on Day of the Dead (hello, awesome scent!) so I ordered from the UK. If you wish to wait you might see these pop up stateside soon but that’s unconfirmed. Fragrances are made to order therefore they take two weeks to actually reach you so it’s like pre-booking them.

Happy Haulin’!

Feel free to share what you purchased, I’d love to hear it!

  • 11/2/10 15:45 Cj:

    Wait wait wait STOP THE CAR! Your telling me I can order a Lush Snowcake PERFUME by calling that super special long number??!


    • 11/2/10 15:48 the Muse:

      yes dear LOL go for it ;-D Best perfume EVERS but hurry they are leaving in an hour CJ!


      • 11/2/10 16:06 Cj:

        Done! OMG I can’t wait to get it! I feel like a little kid who just got their favorite toy for Christmas lol 😀


        • 11/2/10 16:20 the Muse:

          ha CJ awesome girl ;-D You’re going to love it. It’s very strong! so one spray lasts ALL day!


  • 11/2/10 16:27 Stephanie:

    So excited about the perfume. I got Twilight, Big, DotD and So White!!


    • 11/2/10 16:28 the Muse:

      yea Stephanie ;-D CAN’T Wait for DotD I couldn’t resist, ordered back ups! Love that scent ;D


  • 11/2/10 22:43 Ida:

    was that the only time it was available?! i was at work!!


    • 11/3/10 9:06 the Muse:

      yes Ida but call today and ask kindly and maybe they might consider doing the order ;D


  • 11/3/10 15:17 Tam:

    aawww but my fav is honey is washed the kids T T
    I wish they had that in liquid form, boo hoo!


    • 11/3/10 15:58 the Muse:

      aw sorry Tam. They did that one already but I guess no one voted for its return 😛


  • 11/3/10 18:23 lmkeeton:

    i ordered 3 bottles of snowcake mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    • 11/4/10 10:45 the Muse:

      SWEEEEEEEEEEET lmkeeton! ;D I have left over so don’t need more but good hauling!


  • 11/7/10 7:53 Rose:

    I got some Snowcake perfume, didn’t try this one before so I’m SO exited!! :) And I couldn’t resist adding some the Olive Branch and Honey, I Washed the Kids to that… Can’t wait for it to arrive! 😀


    • 11/8/10 12:26 the Muse:

      yay good hauling Rose ;-D can’t wait to get mine too! I didn’t realize they had honey I washed the kids and Olive Branch in a fragrance this year! I thought it was limited to what the list they had on the forum, wow lucky you :) I have some Honey I washed the kids and OB left over from a few years aog :)


      • 11/11/10 14:26 Rose:

        Ohh they were solid perfumes so not exactly the same 😉 But I’m still very happy! And they’re actually sending out the last parcels today so we should have them pretty soon yay 😀

        And those we’re only the fragrances, I went all out and got some Bob soap, Snowcake Soap, Brandy Butter BB, Snowdrops BB, Smitten handcream and maple taffy lipbalm :) (and that’s on top of the over $100 that I spend on the christmas goodies the week before, aahhh would you say I’m an addict? 😉 )


        • 11/11/10 16:38 the Muse:

          yay rose that’s great news thanks! sweeeeeeeet I just did fragrance this time around ;-D lol I can relate I can relate ;D love me some Lush!


  • 11/7/10 13:46 Rose:

    (uhh… TOB and HIWTK fragrances I mean off course haha 😉 )


  • 11/7/10 13:46 Rose:

    (uhh… TOB and HIWTK fragrances I mean of course haha 😉 )


  • 11/19/10 9:14 alli:

    Hey Muse…what is a forum party??? I’ve read you mention this many times before, but I don’t know what it is? please fill me in…i feel like i am missing something! and we can’t have that!
    i’m so struggling with what to order for perfume!!!!
    WOuld you all say that snowcake is vanilla-y? I’m just not sure i even know what marzipan smells like…is it icing-y, sweet?
    and Day of the dead I know you said smells like grapes…but sweety and fruity, right? ugh…sorry for the many questions…we just need scratch and sniff!!!!


    • 11/22/10 9:51 the Muse:

      Hi alli.

      the UK forum has these “online” parties where they make special items such as perfumes, bath bombs, etc…and they allow users to purchase them. Snowcake isn’t vanilla no, it’s more almond. Marizipan kinda like icing but not sweet, softer. Grapes are fruity yes….Hope this helps.


  • 10/7/12 7:25 Ingrid Ribelli:

    I live in Sweden. I can´t find Snowcake liguid perfume. Do you know where to find it. I have that soap and I LOOOOVE it.



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