MAC Caviar Dreams Quad and MAC Special Reserve Highlight Powder Photos

Too Much Blusher has posted images of the MAC Caviar Dreams Quad and Special Reserve Highlight Powder from MAC Cham Pale Collection.

Take a look.

Gorgeous eh?

  • 11/5/10 10:35 Kristen:

    I really want that quad. Comes out the day after Christmas, this is great seeing that I get Christmas money every year.


    • 11/5/10 10:38 the Muse:

      perfect Kristen ;-D! great way to spend your xmas cash!


  • 11/5/10 10:40 Anna:

    The texture looks so cool, but the colours are too simple for me. Will leave out on that!


  • 11/5/10 11:18 Lori:

    the promo image is kinda scary…


    • 11/5/10 11:23 the Muse:

      agreed lori what happened to her brows?!


    • 11/5/10 15:05 Ruthless:

      The promo image is totally freaky, she reminds me of a fish for some reason-an angler, coming to scoop up poor little Nemo. RUN NEMO


      • 11/5/10 15:20 the Muse:

        LOL ruthless ;D


  • 11/5/10 11:24 daphne:

    Hi Muse, just FYI, these pictures seem to have been taken w/o crediting from Too Much Blush – she posted them originally as she actually has the items Hope you will update your post reflecting that! The powders look so cool, I am excited to see them in person.


    • 11/5/10 11:31 the Muse:

      daphne thanks so much! I thought the originated on NC40’s blog!!!!!!!!! will def do a re-source :)


  • 11/5/10 12:32 Patrizia:

    I really love this.


  • 11/5/10 12:41 S.:

    Ooo, I love that palette! Just wish it was out sooner!


  • 11/5/10 13:48 Ludwig:

    The “real” pictures of the Special Reserve Highlight powder look so much better than the promotional pics where they looked like old people skin! lol


    • 11/5/10 13:49 the Muse:

      ha true ludwig!


  • 11/5/10 17:11 Tina:

    Kind of like Elaine from Seinfeld when she realized she sent out Christmas cards to all her relatives and found that the picture she picked for her cards had her nips showing…well, same thing here.

    I totally scrolled passed her lack of eyebrows and went straight to the exposed ahem, yanno.


    • 11/11/10 16:08 the Muse:

      LOL tina!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 11/5/10 18:08 Maddy:

    Poor model looks hungry! Not gonna buy this one, as I don’t own MAC yet, but I want the matte colors like Brulee first 😀


  • 11/5/10 18:17 Rita:



  • 11/5/10 18:19 Jackie:

    I saw her post this morning. I feel like I need those powders now. Like they were made for me!


  • 11/5/10 19:11 Savannah:

    Hey Muse do you know how much the Caviar Dreams quad is going to be? I want to put aside some of my birthday money because I’m in LOVE with those colors!



    • 11/8/10 12:45 the Muse:

      mmm savannah I assume 34.50-37.50 around there :)


  • 11/5/10 19:25 Stephanie:

    To be honest I think these colors wouldn’t even show up on my brown skin :/


  • 11/6/10 19:38 Brandon:

    Besides the font used to spell out ChamPale, I actually really like the promo image. I am obviously alone in thinking that though lol

    Im skipping the quad and the high-light powders (I don’t need makeup products that look like the back of my grandmas hand in my kit that I use on people). BUT I can’t wait to see the lipgelees and the paint pots. Its always an exciting day when MAC releases new paint pots IMO =]


  • 11/7/10 2:01 Gia:

    The model is scaring the living daylights outta me!! She looks pretty but she looks like she spent a day outside in the heat and her makeup melted off and she’s very shiny…. And the face she’s making is giving me Lion images! And is that her nipple above the “C” in MAC??

    I want all the light highlighter and the quad looks cute! But bad marketing promo!


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