NYC New York Color Cosmetics Spring 2011 Collection

Eva Chen was tweeting images of the new NYC New York Color Cosmetics Spring 2011 Collection last week and after a little searching I came across the full list of items.

I imagine we’ll start to see some of these items something in March.

Let’s have a look!

The line focuses on a newly revamped line of mascaras with formulas and brushes to life, lengthen, volumize, and curl.

The mascaras are as follows:

  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics Sky Rise lengthening mascara ($1.99) with Lift and Stretch technology
  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics City Curls curling mascara ($2.99) with new Curl Xpress Technology
  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics Show Time volumizing mascara ($3.99) with Volume Matrix Technology
  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics Show Time volumizing waterproof mascara ($3.99) with a Flexible Polymer System
  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics High Definition separating mascara ($4.99) with Precision Lash Technology
  • NYC New York Color Cosmetics High Definition volumizing mascara ($4.99) with Dual Response Technology

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Individual Eyes Custom Compact-Smokey Eyes are new color shadow palettes that feature a primer, illuminator, four pressed shadows and a double-ended applicator. Each palette is designed to complement eye colors, and the shades include smokey browns, smokey blues and smokey greens. The price is $4.99 each.

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain ($4.99) is a lightweight, transfer-proof lip stain is available in 10 shades.

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Liquid Lipshine ($2.49) is a vitamin-infused lip gloss to leave lips soft and moisturized with up to 20% increased hydration. Liquid Lipshine is available in 10 high-shine shades.

And finally new NYC New York Color Cosmetics Skin Matching Foundation is a shade-adjusting technology formula. There will also be a Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation ($2.99) which has a lightweight, blendable formula. Plus, my favorite, a new Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer ($3.99) for concealing under eyes circles).

It all sounds interesting but I def need to play with it and see what I think.


Not so much?

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  • 11/23/10 12:35 breyerchic04:



  • 11/23/10 13:35 lulee:

    muse whhoooooo is eva chen? i see her on twitter all the time with all sorts of makeup goodies, i kind of want her life.


    • 11/23/10 13:45 the Muse:

      hey luluee she’s the writer for teen vogue’s beauty blog 😀


      • 11/23/10 18:23 lulee:

        thanks muse… i know i wanted her life!! i wonder how one goes about getting a job like that… hahaha


        • 12/1/10 10:43 the Muse:

          LOL lulee I hear ya!


  • 11/23/10 18:03 Lily:

    Ooh those lip stains have me in a lemming fit! Do you know if these are permanent additions Muse?


    • 12/1/10 10:43 the Muse:

      not sure lily but with that much variety on the lip stains I’m going to head into the realms of yes!?


  • 11/23/10 20:19 Sara:

    I’m pretty excited about the lip gloss and stains. I absolutely *love* my NYC gloss in Riverside Rouge. It’s perfect.

    The only thing that makes me happier than a nice gloss is a stain that doesn’t lean too purple or bright pink.


  • 11/23/10 21:40 bayleysparkagex3:

    concealer looks interesting ! :)


  • 11/25/10 0:38 Coral:

    I like that the more budget friendly lines are upping the ante and trying to put good stuff out there. Whether its good or not is a different story, but I’m a sucker for mascaras and they look like they have a lot to try.


    • 11/30/10 16:10 the Muse:

      I agree coral. I’ve never chased DS brands as much as I do now with some of the newer, better options available!


  • 1/22/11 16:53 Cindy:

    I have tried this and don’t like it as well as their Smooth Skin makeup. The coverage is sheerer and once it sets, it peels off when you try to blend it in. I have pretty dry skin though, but did use a moisturizer first. The color is a good match for me – the medium shade is the same as the True Beige in the SS makeup.


  • 9/29/11 18:59 Carly:

    I <3 the high definition volume mascara :)


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