NYX Book of Eye Shadows First Look

The neutrals in the NYX Book of Eye Shadows is thrilling me.

  • 11/17/10 22:33 Ally:

    Ooh neat! Where can you get it?


  • 11/17/10 23:03 DivaShop:

    That looks AWESOME! Can’t wait to read your review!


  • 11/17/10 23:35 Jennifer:

    this palette is talking to me XD (I know i sound crazy)


    • 11/18/10 9:04 the Muse:

      LOL Jennifer not at all ;-D makeup talks to me all the time girl!


  • 11/18/10 10:37 vivavoomz:

    This is madness. :O

    I wish they bothered to arrange the colours.


    • 11/18/10 11:43 the Muse:

      lol viva my thoughts exactly but still liking the looks of it ;D


  • 3/2/11 21:54 Hazel Lyn:

    O_O I NEED this. *puts it on To Buy list*


  • 3/9/11 10:40 Hazel Lyn:

    Hi Muse! I bought this a few days ago from a local seller here in the Philippines. It arrived today. This picture, I think, does not justify the beauty of the item in person. I was so happy when I got mine! The eyeshadows are pigmented and, I believe, are a great bargain for the price. So I decided to wear this for my hospital shift for 8 hours… Thing is, I didn’t have a decent eye primer. My NYX HD Eye Shadow Base is still on the way to me from there in the US so… I decided to use my NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige as an eye primer.

    Surprise, surprise… I arrived home just now and the color did not fade. I don’t know if I could say the same thing had I done a dramatic look or anything as I just applied a brown-gold shade at my lower lid. It’s almost unnoticeable and still neutral even though it has shimmer in it and… I cannot express how happy I am with this palette. I also got more intensified colors by wetting my brush with water.

    I really really love this palette because it organized colors for me already. The bold, vibrant shades are at the bottom sliding tray and the neutral colors I can use for work or daytime or just a natural casual look are there when I open it.

    I <3 this. I believe I've already found my HG Brand. It's NYX.


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