On the 1st Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me, The Green Wing DVD Set!

My best friend lives in London. Horror! It’s been six months since I seen her which roughly translates into feeling like six years. Le sigh. We talk two or three times a week via phone, we e-mail, and we send packages back and fourth but it’s honestly not the same as having her around.

Libs is way to British to actually live anywhere in America and she pretty much lives and breathes London life so it’s pretty much occasional visits and phone communication for us until I retire one day and live my days happily and idly away in jolly old England.

Every year we do a 12 Days of Christmas Gifting session. She sends me 12 gifts and I send her 12 gifts. Normally we start the week of Thanksgiving as airmail takes a fair bit of time to arrive and it normally ends around the week before Christmas or the week of. It’s really fun for us both and we have a great time with it.


Long story short my first gift arrived super early! She got me the Collectors’ Edition Green Wing DVD Set! Squee! Anyone a fan? I’m saving it up to watch it one lazy day during the long Thanksgiving Holiday.

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