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Dior Avenue Montaigne Collection Spring 2011

Dior Avenue Montaigne Collection Spring 2011 3

I hope I’m not crashing on your Holiday cheer too much with information on Spring Collections but I can’t help myself! I love seeing what’s ahead.

Let’s take a peek at the Dior Avenue Montaigne Collection Spring 2011.


Lola Cosmetics Red Carpet Affair Holiday 2010

Lola Cosmetics Holiday 2010

Lola doesn’t get near the attention it deserves so I thought it should have its own Holiday post. Lola recently released it’s Red Carpet Affair Holiday Collection for 2010 and I see a few items that might be interesting if you’re in the market for something different.

Check it!


Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad Review, Swatches, Photos

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad 1

Ahh the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad, one of Bobbi’s more unique and different offerings this Holiday wouldn’t you agree? If you’ve played with it already, chances are you’re thinking that it’s very different for Bobbi and you might even be scratching your head and wondering exactly what to say about the quad. The texture and formula of the eyeshadows included are far different from anything I’ve personally tried from Bobbi Brown before and are interesting, to say the least.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad 2

Let’s have a look!


L’Occitane Fleur Chérie Makeup Collection

LOccitane Fleur Chérie Makeup Collection 2010

Good Morning! I’m working furiously to get through comments today. Just wanted to let you know I am fairly behind on comments but I’m trying to reply as fast as possible. I got about 482 to go so I made a major dent in them!


I was browsing L’Occitane yesterday in the hopes I’d find some great gifts for my sister, sadly didn’t happen, kinda a rehash of products she already owns, and I came across the new Fleur Chérie makeup collection. It seems L’Occtaine releases a new makeup collection each time they have a new fragrance release. Stepping back in time for a second, if you recall, their Peony Makeup was also themed to fit along with the Peony Eau de Toilette’s release.

I think I kinda like this idea!

A fragrance and a matching themed makeup to go along with it.

Let’s have a look!


Vincent Longo Winter Magic Holiday Collection 2010

Vincent Longo Winter Magic Holiday 2010

Mmm Vincent Longo doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves since leaving Sephora. I truly love the brand and look forward to their new collections.

Vincent Longo Holiday Collection 2010 is up and available.

Let’s have a peek!