Sephora Holiday Catalog 2010

It’s been a very long, long, long time since Sephora has launched their catalog online. They used to do a full spread of it a few years ago on their site plus of course, send one out via mail. Nowadays it feels like a hit or miss situation for some. I, thankfully, always get one in the mail but I have a ton of readers tell me they signed up for it but never get it. That’s just sad. Plus add to the fact they haven’t launched it online in a long time and you end up with a few too many grumpy beauty junkies.


Good news!

They have launched it online this year and you can get your first glimpse here if you haven’t already seen it elsewhere. Some of the looks are elaborate, vibrant, and difficult as hell to pull off but beautiful to behold and filled with plenty of festive good cheer! Take a look and let me know what you think!

Sephora Holiday 2010

  • 11/8/10 10:09 Anna:

    Fantastic looks and what a lovely catalog. They at least DARE to apply bright colours over there in the United States, whilst our catalogs are filled with dull and neutral looks!


    • 11/8/10 11:22 the Muse:

      aw anna that sounds boring :(


  • 11/8/10 10:22 Kristen:

    I got this in the mail. Lots of goodies I want as always lol


    • 11/8/10 10:25 the Muse:

      kristen seriously? Wow! in store now too ;-D it’s been a while since they had catalogs in store too! awesome!


      • 11/8/10 10:31 Kristen:

        Yeah, I got it in the mail this past saturday


        • 11/8/10 11:22 the Muse:

          haven’t gotten mine yet Kristen 😀 patiently waiting!


          • 11/10/10 12:05 Jennifer:

            Yeah, I got mine on Saturday too. It was a good kickback thing to thumb through over the weekend and then I did some damage…eek.

          • 11/10/10 12:38 the Muse:

            ha jennifer ;-D I hear ya!

  • 11/8/10 10:33 zha:

    thanks for the post, ms. muse! :) (though i can only enjoy all these online for we don’t have sephora from where I am. :s)


    • 11/8/10 11:13 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it zha :((((((((((((


  • 11/8/10 10:33 Anitacska:

    I’m so happy, my husband was in NJ last week and I sent him to a Sephora and he got me the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette! Yay! 😀


    • 11/8/10 11:21 the Muse:

      fantastic Anita!!!!!!!! so glad you got it, it’s gorg!


  • 11/8/10 12:21 Marie:

    Not only don’t we have a U.K. website, but we have lost all the stores in the U.K. – WAIL!!!!!! I even asked if they would be prepared to mail a catalogue to the U.K. so that friends Stateside could pick items up for me – but their reply was a firm NO (not really surprised if folks in the U.S. are not even getting their catalogues)!!


    • 11/8/10 12:24 the Muse:

      aw that stinks marie :( I remember there was a store in Southampton 😛


  • 11/9/10 8:31 Brandi:

    Well I guess this will be the only way I can enjoy it since I can’t seem to get one in the mail!!! Thanks for posting…..still would like to have it in my hands than to go through the troubles of turning on the computer but it’s better than nothing.


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