Stila One Step Prime Color Review, Swatches, Photos

Mmmmm blast from my Stila Summer past here. I was sorting through my “to be reviewed” pile a few days ago, that would be a large pile of products that get photographed and tossed into a bin for safe keeping. This pile tends to get out of control sometimes so you’ll find me diving in head first and proceeding to rummage around to see what looks good for reviewing quite often.

Anyway, during my daily plunder through the bin I realized, wow, I didn’t review the Stila One Step Primer Color that was released with Stila’s Summer Collection this year.

Anyone haul it?

We had discussed which you would buy at the time since Summer was all about various cream blushes and this happened to be one that did everything plus walked your dog too! Stila dubs it a primer, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color, cheek color, and bronzer. Ummm…dare I say NOT!


Stila One Step Prime Color is a primer, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color, cheek color, and bronzer all in one product!

Props to Stila for creating an interesting cream blush however it has its problems.

The good news is it wears long and imparts a rather lovely flush on cheeks if you choose the right shade.

The bad news is….

Well where to start? There’s so much bad to say.

First off, hate the “primer, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color, cheek color, and bronzer” all in wonder product description. Come on. Primer? Who uses primer as a blush? I don’t even understand why they would include that in the description other than the fact they might be referring to the fact that the texture of the product feels very silicone-like much as a primer would feel therefore possibly offering flawless coverage? Secondly, do not relish or love this as an eyeshadow. Most of the shades are bright, popping shades of pink and coral and they won’t work so well as an eyeshadow unless you like a neon pink eye look however I personally wouldn’t apply on lids that are oily and proper prepping and priming is suggested because the texture of the product seems to have a fondness for migrating and feeling oily. As a lipgloss? Again, no. The shades are have an unflattering cream finish on lips and feel very dry in my experience.

As a cheek color?


They blend well enough but the shades are a tad unnatural in most cases so you have to use only a tiny bit to get the best results since the product runs very pigmented. Good news is they wear long so if you’re wanting an extra long wearing blush these would do the trick however as stated above they have a silicone-feel which makes me feel and look oily. Not loving that at all.

I tried three shades, two I purchased, and one of which was a press sample and I can’t honestly say I loved any of them.

I tested out Rosie Posie (vibrant pink), Capri Coral (pinkish coral), and Pop Of Pink (Petal Pink). Out of all of them I liked Capri Coral the best as it gave a nice sunny shade of peach to my cheeks. Pop of Pink barely showed up and Rosie Posie was just a tad too vibrant.

  • Anyone wanting an extra long wearing cream blush!
  • Anyone wanting a no fuss makeup look (these give a nice healthy flush to cheeks).

  • Anyone wanting them to work as an eyeshadow, primer, bronzer, highlighter, and the whole nine yards (it’s a blush, don’ try to make it into something more when it’s simply a cream blush).
  • Anyone with oily skin (I’m not oily and I felt the texture was somewhat oily feeling on my skin).
  • Anyone who hates silicone primer (the texture feels about the same as a primer).

These had the potential for greatness but I think Make Up For Ever pretty much covered my cream blush needs this Summer. They had the potential for greatness but the formula just doesn’t quite get it right. I personally didn’t love them and felt they had a heck of alot of room for improvement.

Anyone try Stila One Step Prime Color?

Did you love it?

Leave it?

Do share!

Disclaimer: Two of these were purchased by me for review purposes and one was provided as a press sample for review purposes.

  • 11/9/10 14:25 Missy:

    Great review! I’ve been curious about this but was kept away by the whole “primer, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color, cheek color, bronzer” description! I am not a makeup newbie but couldn’t figure out how in the world one goes about using it.. just kept imaging an all-one-color face… not a good look IMO! LOL Hearing you say it’s basically just a cream blush makes soo much more sense. *balance restored to my world* LOL =)


    • 11/9/10 15:05 the Muse:

      LOL Missy ;-D tell me about it. Imagine spreading this neon pink all over your face as a primer!? Holy crazy batman! hehe!


  • 11/9/10 17:42 Claire:

    Cream blush, why didn’t they just say so? I was massively confused when I read “primer, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color, cheek color, and bronzer”- What??? It would take some crazy make up voodoo to use the same product for a highlighter and a bronzer. Luckily we have the muse to decode the mystical names that companies give their products! xxx


    • 11/10/10 12:38 the Muse:

      that’s what I’m wondering Claire ;-D LOL! I try xoxoxo!


  • 11/9/10 18:19 electronicfly:

    Maybe they meant primer for blush? Sorta like how many use cream blushes, then top off with a powder blush?


    • 11/10/10 11:08 the Muse:

      I doubt it electronic fly seems weird ti use a pigmented cream blush like this and follow up with powder, that would be clown makeup waiting to happen hahaha!


  • 11/9/10 21:45 HautePJ:

    I agree! I was so confused with the primer description and I had samples of per suede and bronze. I couldn’t figure out how to use it, so I focused on using it as a highlight on the cheeks. No way I would ever smear it all over my face or lips!


    • 11/10/10 10:41 the Muse:

      weird right pj? so much hoopla for a blush ;D lol!


  • 11/10/10 1:32 Ashley:

    I am totally turned off with the whole “I’m the super primer!” bit. It looks like a cream blush in a tube, why not just tout it as so!?


    • 11/10/10 10:01 the Muse:

      agreed Ashley!


  • 12/3/10 12:44 Jovanna:

    I purchased Kitten, and I use it everyday. I use it as a highlighter and to prime my eye area (under, around, inside) and I love it. With the warehouse sale, I got the other colors to use as just blush, but the bronze one looks awesome for all over face for my skin tone. This stuff just feels weird on my lips.


  • 11/8/12 23:46 Lynnie:

    Being old and slow, I just found this blog and Stila makeup… Thanks for your tips!

    I’m with Jovanna – this stuff in the Kitten shade is great as a highlighter and an eye primer. I think it would work best for people with somewhat pale skin. I use it instead of eye shadow, and it works better than other luminizing products to make the smile lines between my nose and mouth less noticeable.

    I don’t quite understand the other colors, but this is one place where Kitten lives up to the hype. It looks like Stila is discontinuing the One-Step Primecolor entirely now, so I bought a few extra tubes in Kitten.


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