Tarina Tarantino Makeup on Sale at Sephora


How’s everyone doing today? I just got back from having my teeth cleaned, joy!

How’s your morning been? Just wanted to share with you a few sales on Tarina Tarantino goodies at Sephora.

I wanna haul the Magic Hour Cream Shadow but can’t justify a Sephora order at the moment when I already have so many things to review. Hopefully they’ll be in store soon as it’ll keep me from overindulging in an online order.

Happy Shoppin’!

  • 11/18/10 15:06 Joann:

    Thanks for the heads up on this steal!! Just ordered two of each – black and purple cream shadow & dk matte brown and goldish


    • 11/18/10 15:07 the Muse:

      my pleasure Joann ;-D glad you got these!


    • 11/18/10 15:08 Joann:

      Ugh – dumb iPad has a mind of it’s own, I’m sorry. Didn’t get to finish- brown & gold smudge pen. Hope they’re as fab as they seem. Glad I checked this before I placed my order.


      • 11/18/10 15:09 the Muse:

        ha no worries Joann ;-D I’m glad you got ’em at such a steal! hugs!


  • 11/18/10 16:30 auroragyps:

    Grrr, no greens. :-(


    • 11/18/10 16:36 the Muse:

      mmm green would be nice auro!


      • 11/19/10 1:24 auroragyps:

        Yeah. For this price, I’d be willing to try her stuff, but my favorite color is green, so … The other colors are nice, but don’t really do anything for me or my shadow collection.


  • 11/18/10 17:04 HautePJ:

    Gahhh, I just submitted the last VIB 20% off order Monday. I’ve had the purple magic hour cream shadow in my shopping list for months!


    • 11/19/10 12:43 the Muse:

      did you buy it at the regular price pj!? call for a refund!


  • 11/18/10 18:53 Taryn:

    Oh no – is this the kiss of death for the TT line?


    • 11/19/10 12:41 the Muse:

      naa taryn. doubt it. believe they are making room for other stuff!?


  • 11/18/10 20:09 Patrizia:

    Oh I want the gold cream shadow so bad, but I can’t justify an order either, I need to buy 120$ for free ship. to Canada :S I wish the sale would come to the store too!


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