TokiDoki Robbery Makeup Bags at Sephora

What do you think of Tokidoki at Sephora so far? I’d say it was a hit for me. I’m kinda digging on the sweet packaging plus some of the shadows and glosses are actually killer.


I got a round of the TokiDoki Robbery Makeup Bags recently to try out and they are pretty darn nice if you’re a fan.

Check ’em!

I got the Perfetta Cosmetic Pouch and Matita Pencil Case which I’m not sure why they decided to “name” these since they both have the same Robbery print. Both are nicely sized bags that you can tuck quite a few makeup essentials in. Actually the pencil case is surprisingly roomy and makes an excellent makeup bag for daily use where as the Perfectta case leans towards being better for travel or great for those that carry around apocalypse kits of makeup, it’s ok, I dig, I can relate.

The bags are a limited run available exclusively at Sephora. I imagine come Spring they’ll release a new print but for now this theme centers around the Robbery print displaying mischievous TokiDoki characters involved in scenes of criminal behavior. The bags feature a Tokidoki Logo Charm as a zipper pull and in the case of the larger bag it has two of these!

They’ll make great gift for fans of Tokidoki and are priced at $20 to $42.

Both these and two other styles are available at


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  • 11/22/10 12:30 Nicole Feliciano:

    Totally cute! Love it.


  • 11/23/10 12:00 Regina:

    ooh i adore toki doki and i have the earlier prints


  • 11/24/10 20:20 Ruthless:

    I like them, I just don’t like the price point I think they’re too expensive


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