Yves Saint Laurent Bohemian Chic Spring 2011

Here’s more images and word on the Yves Saint Laurent Bohemian Chic Spring 2011 Collection!

Take a look!

Yves Saint Laurent Highlighter Palette Pink Celebration

Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush

  • Velvety Peach
  • Powdery Rose
  • Silky Praline
  • Temptation Fuchsia
  • Passion Red

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Singulier

Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo

Yves Saint Laurent Bohemian Chic Eyeshadow Palette

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge pur Couture

  • Corail Poetique
  • Blond Ingenu
  • Taupe Raphael
  • Rose Libertin
  • Fuchsia Innocent
  • Rose Boheme
  • Rose Venus
  • Corail Fauviste

Since the following information is taken from a European Beauty Blog the colors and release information does sometimes change once it becomes available within the US.

Enjoy this peek at YSL Spring 2011!


  • 11/29/10 20:47 The Beauty Alchemist:

    Hey Muse, not YSL related but how are you ?? I have a Lambie question ( by the way I lament no Lambies this year at BBW too) . Anyway have you washed your slippers? My need it but wondering how they come out ?

    Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving. Sam & I are looking for you , you busy lady :)


    • 11/30/10 16:23 the Muse:

      and lovie! Yes, and don’t. LOL. First off I miss you and sam like crazy, I’ve been so swamped! give sam my love! I must give her my love soon lol ;-D she might think I died LOL!

      about the lambies like I said yes, but don’t. They wash like crap. I had the first pair which I washed and they just broke apart and tried it also with the ballerina flats and they kinda shriveled up :( so disappointed. So def be careful if you wash ’em!


  • 11/30/10 3:22 Kerri:

    God the packaging is spectacular! Love it


  • 12/1/10 14:26 Sonia:

    That palette makes me wanna scream in ecstasy.


  • 12/1/10 16:16 The Beauty Alchemist:

    Thanks for the Lambie advice. Maybe I will just do a wipe down wash on them.

    Sam and I miss you too. I’ll tell her you said Hi and are still out there :)

    But hey, it’s nice to know someone is busy in their biz. It’s rough out there so good for you.


    • 12/1/10 16:21 the Muse:

      hey sweetpea! My pleasure. They just can’t hold up against a good wash ;( which ones do you have? I have all three releases and my first pair aren’t grungy but they are starting to kinda getting worn down on the soles ;-D over wear! LOL did you get the lambie socks?! I got those too and adore ’em! I’m such a crazy person with this crap! Check E-bay too btw if you’re really wanting a new pair. Someone said avon is doing a Lammie line (not Lambie, Lammie weird) but I only seen in Avon Canada and not here as of yet honestly if it hasn’t released yet doubt we’ll see it?!

      I miss you both! We need lunch/dinner something soon together. I’ve just been really crazy. Life mostly, this time of the year always gets nuts for me with events and such. Biz is good thankfully and renewal number 2 on the way shortly. ;-D I hope it stays that way. How about you and yours?!

      How was your t-day!?


      • 12/1/10 16:22 the Muse:

        ps still haven’t watched sherlock but tell sam we get Who for XMAS!


  • 12/16/10 6:36 Lauren:

    Omg…my heart almost stopped when I saw PINK Rouge Pur Coutures. And the highlighters? YSL is killing me right now. I want it all! Thanks for posting this! xxx


    • 12/16/10 10:19 the Muse:

      my pleasure Lauren ;-D! spring can’t come soon enough!


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