Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Palettes for Spring 2011

“I really believe that when you feel good about yourself, there’s no limit to what you can do in your life—and that’s pretty powerful stuff.”- Bobbi Brown

Ohhh Bobbi I have such a girl crush on you when you say things like that, I actually already had one, but just think of it as emphasized when you whisper such sweet things in my ear!

Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful Campaign is a celebration of fresh, healthy makeup looks! In celebration of the campaign’s one year anniversary Bobbi Brown has two new Pretty Powerful Palettes launching! Offered in two shade selections these palettes are designed with all complexions in mind with each compact featuring four neutral, natural eye shadows and four pink shades shades for lips and cheeks!

Let’s look!

Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette $60


  • Ivory
  • Pink Flannel (New)
  • Pink Chiffon Shimmer Wash (New)
  • Chocolate Caviar Eye Shadow (New)


  • Pretty Pink (New)


  • Pink Lip Color (New)
  • Bubble Bath Lip Gloss (New)
  • Soiree Pink Glitter Lip Gloss

Bobbi Brown Powerful Palette $60


  • Navajo
  • Burnished Rose Eyeshadow (New)
  • Baby Pink
  • Chocolate Caviar (New)


  • Plum


  • Powerful Pink Lip Color (New)
  • Pink Pudding Lip Color (New)
  • Pink Bouquet Glitter Lip Gloss

I think part of the appeal of the palettes would be the amount of new shades included. Plus I’m a mush for cooler shades of pinks!

What do you think?

Which palette is your fav?




Will you indulge?

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The Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Palettes will launch in January on counters and at

  • 12/21/10 11:59 kelly m.:

    I’m in love! I hope these come to Sephora too. I think I will be getting a giftcard for Christmas!! Oh… I really like these!!!


    • 12/21/10 12:03 the Muse:

      Kelly hope so! ;-D


  • 12/21/10 12:36 Kat:


    I wonder why BB didn’t have a FF this year, kinda bummed about it….


    • 12/21/10 13:42 the Muse:

      aw yeah kat ;( was kinda meh!


      • 12/28/10 13:17 Kat:

        The powerful palette is available at not sure about the stores though. (now very happy I got a GC from there!)


        • 12/28/10 13:28 the Muse:

          also Sephora got ’em in stock Kat! 😀


  • 12/21/10 13:20 lissa:

    hmmm, I’m liking these but can they compete with the spring 2011 UD shadow pencils….


  • 12/21/10 14:57 Lisa:

    Oh I’m a sucker for BB palettes! They’re both so pretty but I’m definitely leaning towards the Powerful palette…have to judge for sure when I see them in person.

    Thanks for posting!
    Happy Holidays


    • 12/21/10 15:21 the Muse:

      my pleasure lisa! happiest holidays to you and yours!


  • 12/21/10 15:36 Irene:

    I love these.. they would also be fabulous for artists!!


  • 12/21/10 16:44 sanja skobalj:

    the pink one looks really pretty,just to bad its not a cream blush


  • 12/21/10 23:13 shusheshe:

    While I love Bobbi Brown, pink just does not work on me… So I’ll be giving this a miss.


  • 12/22/10 1:14 Johanna:

    This is great! I was just in Nordies the other day, checking out the Modern Classic Palette, and complained to the salesperson that most of the colors are too pale and chalky, and that I wished Bobbi would come out with an extra palette each time for darker-skinned people. She salesperson said I should correspond with Bobbi over her email or facebook because she’s pretty responsive to customers — but, it looks like Bobbi has beat me to it. I’ll thank her!


    • 12/22/10 9:32 the Muse:

      johanna def contact @bobbibrowncosmetics as it’s a very active twitter account and they will reply happily. Bobbi has tweet ups herself on occasion as well where she replies and answers questions personally. ;-D so def tell them what you are wanting as they do listen. I use to rave daily about the sparkle shadows since their releases and I’m seeing more and more shades from the brand in this finish ;-D so they def hear us!


  • 12/22/10 22:50 Pynk Nymphette:

    I love the eye shadows in the ‘pretty’ palette and the lip glosses in ‘power’. Extremely cute packaging!<3


  • 12/24/10 3:48 jojo2739:

    I’ll go with “powerful” palette. In my opinion, the “pretty” one is more girlish (for younger girls, I mean) and “powerful” is more of an adult colour.


    • 12/28/10 14:16 the Muse:

      agreed jojo! one is more innocent and the other more mature ;D!


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