DKNY Be Delicious Juiced Fragrances Spring 2011

Last Spring we were treated to three variations of the popular DKNY Be Delicious Fragrances in the form of Candy Apple inspired scents.

They were delicious needless to say.

Did you try ’em?

For Spring 2011, DKNY will Get Juiced with two brand new scents!

Check ’em!

DKNY Be Delicious Juiced is a collection of two new scents that add a little something extra to your favorite Be Delicious scents!

DKNY Delicious Juiced is a succulent nectar extract of a New York apple where as Fresh Blossom Juiced is a sugar-rich dew crushed from flowers.

Delicious Juiced is a blend of ripe apples and watery fruits. Juicy New York apples lie at the heart, surrounded by a flirty dose of pear blossom and golden mango nectar. Muguet and white peony add a vivid floracy, complimented by violet petals. The drydown is a sheer wave of creamy woods and white amber to finish the cool refreshment.

DKNY Fresh Blossom Juiced is a medley of just-picked blossoms and petals. The all-pink scent starts with pink grapefruit, bright freesias, fruity cassis and passion flower. It’s a light, fresh scent, perfect for spring. At the heart is an apple, embraced by lily of the valley, pink rose petals and sweet pea. Palisander wood, vetiver mist and white musks add the ultimate soft under layer.

Each fragrance has a core of the original Delicious scent with added notes for a bright burst of freshness.

I seen them at Macys tonight and they will be available shortly at Sephora and other locations including online at

I haven’t smelled them yet as I just passed over them on my way to snatch up the new Ed Hardy fragrance, I kinda dig it don’t you? But if you’d like a review do shout out and I’ll see if I can make it happen!

Will you indulge?

Are you a Delicious fan?

Do share!

  • 12/30/10 22:53 Libby:

    I love Be Delicious πŸ˜€ I actually have a few bottles of the original scent in green, it’s definitely one of my favorites to wear during the summer and spring :) It’s so light! I’m definitely going to go check these out at Macys tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up πŸ˜€


  • 12/30/10 23:31 Chelsie:

    Sounds yummy! Your descriptions make me think of spring and warmer weather.


  • 12/31/10 0:22 Jane:

    I wanted so much to be a fan of the orginal delicious scents and I tried it in sephora I walked around did the rest of my shopping and by the time I got back to the fragrence section the scent had turned horriable on me like a dirt scent. This has only happened with the delicious scents so I think I will pass I have my eye on the Givenchy Play intense set from sephora so we will have to wait and see.


  • 12/31/10 1:14 Yan:

    I’m so psyched for these new fragrances. Fresh blossom juiced sounds absolutely gorgeous. You have to review these if you get a chance to pick them up :)


  • 12/31/10 2:30 Cj:

    I’m a big fan of the regular 2 DKNY’s, So I’m definitely going to pick these up as soon as they hit Sephora πŸ˜€


  • 12/31/10 16:13 Ellie:

    I love love love Be Delicious (the original one). Fresh Blossom was super boring. I can see Be Delicious Juiced as being too similar to the original, but I’m kinda interested in Fresh Blossom Juiced :)


  • 1/3/11 20:57 Terri:

    Are they eau de toillets or perfume? The non lasting scents drive me crazy! lol


    • 1/11/11 15:32 the Muse:

      parfum I believe terri don’t quote me though ;D!


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