DVD Haulage

A few of the DVDs I got for X-Mas!


Anyone get you any for a pressie?

Which ones?

  • 12/28/10 22:05 Soo:

    out of all those dvds I’ve only seen Scott Pilgrim. have you seen it? liked it? didn’t get any dvds for Christmas, but my friend is giving me a copy of the first Godfather cause she has an extra, haha.


    • 12/29/10 10:01 the Muse:

      sure have soo, great flick on the godfather ;-D!


  • 12/28/10 22:51 Angelica:

    Aw, yeh! You have to have a dvd marathon! :)

    I got my bf Inception blu ray, since he said he hasn’t seen it yet.


    • 12/29/10 9:42 the Muse:

      ha angelica def need to make sometime to sit down and watch ;-D with all this snow it should be easy! awesome film! you guys snuggle down and watch togethers ;D!


  • 12/29/10 0:07 Heather / Eyeconic:

    Ahhh I love The Inbetweeners! I heard they’re doing a movie!


    • 12/29/10 9:40 the Muse:

      THEY are they ARE *bounces* simon byrd finally got his head out of his ass and they are on. I believe filming already started. Something about the boys being on a holiday together does sound slightly boring as they’ve done the road trip camping college kinda thing already so I’m hopeful it’ll take place somewhere else in europe like france, imagine jay in france? oy vey!


  • 12/29/10 1:10 Michelle:

    I got The Town…I’m into heist movies.


    • 12/29/10 9:41 the Muse:

      awesome michelle ;-D enjoy!


  • 12/29/10 9:24 Marina:

    Ooh! Nice 😉 I’ve yet to see Scott Pilgrim, but I feel as a self-proclaimed nerd, I must. Surprisingly, I only got one DVD–the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition (I’ve been collecting them…SO worth it.)


    • 12/29/10 9:33 the Muse:

      marina I got the ultimate edition too but feel oh so bad b/c I have so many variations of potter on dvd it’s borderline stupid now LOL! Scott Pilgrim was rather wicked but the novels reign supreme ;-D


      • 12/29/10 9:55 Marina:

        They usually do–see Watchmen XD


        • 12/29/10 9:56 Marina:

          I meant, see Watchmen for an example lol


        • 12/29/10 9:58 the Muse:

          it drives my “collect ’em all” disease nuts!


  • 12/29/10 13:09 Nuttyluv:

    ahhh u got kal ho naa ho! Have u seen it? that movie is so good, but sad.


    • 12/29/10 13:12 the Muse:

      yes hundreds of times nutty but loves it ;-D nice to have the dvd! big crush on shahrukh khan!


  • 12/29/10 19:47 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Ah, The Inbetweeners !
    I didn’t know it and Black Books were aired around the world !! LOL
    Bill Bailey is hilarious.
    Great at stand-up too.
    I’ve had no new DVDs in yonks, but do sometimes watch a film from the Film Channel and thats hardly ever cause I’m always too busy looking at your postings :)
    Better than any movie !
    Happy viewing !!


    • 12/29/10 19:55 the Muse:

      hey mary sure ;-D hehe! BBCAmerica ;-D Inbetweeners=AWESOME ;-D I love Bill Baily his stand ups are incredible and major crush on Dylan! ;-D ha! love that, busy watching my postings hehe love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 12/29/10 20:12 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Dylan Moran – so you like the Irish men too !! :)
    I prefer the English men even though I’m Irish.

    You know how they say “the grass is greener ” !!
    Well it is :)
    Although I wouldn’t mind bumping into Colin Farrell sometime.


  • 1/11/11 19:13 Shannyn:

    Scott Pilgrim and Black Books rock my world. And Ab Fab? You got awesome presents, sooo jealous!


    • 1/13/11 16:31 the Muse:

      ha come on over shannyn I’ll pop some corn ;D we can watch togethers!


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