Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection for Spring 2011

Although we discussed the Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection for Spring 2011 we didn’t yet have model images or full details. Today I’d like to share with you the entire release info.

I’m quite excited about the Givenchy Blush Gelee which Eva Chen has been tweeting about a fair bit. Although unconventional, I absolutely adore the model’s makeup!

Jump ahead for more details and images.

Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Blush Gelee

  • Candide Pink

Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Prisme Yeux Quatour (LE)

  • Candide Garden

Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Rouge Interdit Shine (LE)

  • Candide Nude

Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Rouge Interdit (LE)

  • Candide Tangerine

Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Gloss Interdit (LE)

  • Candide Tangerine

Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Magic Khol

  • Coffee
  • Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection Vernis Please! (LE)
    Candide Peach

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  • 12/13/10 13:16 Josie:

    Thanks for posting! In the main pic…is that a blush (without the black border? at the top? Very pretty and i’m already madly in love with that lipgloss and nailpolish. I’m such a MAC & NARS snob but you are converting me Muse! This is and the Chanel Spring is on my wishlist already! And for someone who is on a coral/orange kick, i have to say the promo pic is kinda scary, esp. the eyes!!


    • 12/13/10 13:50 the Muse:

      not sure josie looks like a blush ;-D as soon as I hear more promise to tell ya! ha that’s awesome, it’s always nice to discover new brands to play with girl! I’m always on a coral kick myself, ever try Benefit’s coralista, LOVE! ;-D I actually like the promo images, can’t wear it out but it’s damn nice to look at ;D


      • 12/13/10 21:00 Josie:

        Yes i’m wearing Coralista right now actually!! I’m going to check your post on the new Benefit blush. I think i might have a new lemming!


        • 12/14/10 16:39 the Muse:

          ha Josie, bestest shade ever from Benefit ;-D oh me too, isn’t it gorg!? WANT NEED NOW!


  • 12/13/10 14:24 jenna:

    the blush gelee looks so fun! grime on the applicator concerns me a bit though – probably not washable i’m thinking!


    • 12/13/10 15:24 the Muse:

      prob not jenna grrr ;-/


  • 12/13/10 16:00 addicted_j.t.:

    I love these promo images.. ugh why can’t we all just wear haute coture makeup all the time!?


    • 12/14/10 11:44 Miss D:

      I agree…I really like the model’s eyes and how they blended the colors into the cheek color. Cool!


      • 12/14/10 13:22 the Muse:

        ditto miss d!


  • 12/13/10 19:10 Stephanie L.:

    Blush gelee has been calling my name for some time. Ha, when I first saw it I did a happy dance <– makeup weirdo! ^-^


    • 12/14/10 16:36 the Muse:

      ha not at all stephanie same feeling for me!


  • 12/14/10 12:46 LorraineER:

    Although I’m sure I’d love it because I love the L’oreal version, the brush for the Phenomen’eyes mascara looks, to me, like a midieval torture device. I wear glasses and have to apply mascara with them off and because of that, I’ve poked myself in the eye with the Telescopic explosion mascara wand/spiky ball. It made my eyes start watering so bad from it that my liner and shadow got all messed up! I still love that mascara and the wand but I skip using it when I’m rushing from then on…


    • 12/14/10 16:29 the Muse:

      ha agreed lorraine ;-D I don’t like L’Oreal’s version believe it or not! Hated it, I always got really clumpy results with it but love Givenchy’s version! I’m clumsy so it’s customary for me to poke out an eye no matter the wand LOL!


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