MAC & Mickey Contractor Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

Here’s a few swatches and a babble about the new MAC & Mickey Contractor Eyeshadow.


I’m more than happy to have this quad in my stash simply because I adored the shade Jaan which reminds me of a more pigmented version of my favorite NARS Eyeshadow, Night Star. The shade is a soft nude with golden shimmer. Quite gorgeous for a simple, understated eye look when used on its own.

Other shades in the quad are Folie (reddish brown), Vivah (brown with fine gold shimmer), and Carbon (matte black). Truly wish they left out Carbon in this mix and replaced it with another golden or brown shade of shadow as truly it would have made the quad extra special but I do understand Carbon’s placement here as its best suited to lining with.

I haven’t attempted a look yet with the quad but I’m leaning towards saying it’ll make a very favorable brown look and go well with darker eyes shades in particularly. If you’re not a nude, natural kinda gal you might not find anything exciting in this however I’ve been embracing that side of my makeup personality lately so I, indeed, loved the quad.

What do you think?

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  • 12/30/10 23:12 Cali:

    I’m so in love with this already, its probably not healthy.


  • 12/30/10 23:28 Heather:

    Gosh, I didn’t care for it. I normally dig these colors. Thanks for the reviews!


  • 12/31/10 0:50 Jodda:

    For the thousandth time I think. “Carbon again?? Really, Mac?”


  • 12/31/10 9:59 Jennie R.:

    I would buy this pallette if it didn’t have carbon. The other three colors are fabulous. Black shadows just look too goth on me no matter how I wear it.


  • 12/31/10 12:28 Mary the Muse Militant:

    I agree they should have left out Carbon. I’m sick to death of Carbon. It pops up all too often when it’s not the greatest of blacks.
    It’s texture is like a dried up old prune !! If prunes were black that is.

    Also I would think (in my humble opinion) that most people would have Carbon already and a nice new shade of deepest browny black with a bit of shimmer would be nice for lining.

    I love Folie but am allergic to almost all Mac plums/reds/purples which is a curse as they are my favourite colours.

    All said, still a great looking palette especially with a dupe for the Muse’s favourite Nars eyeshadow.


  • 12/31/10 12:49 Christina:

    I agree with you Muse, wish they left out Carbon from this quad and replaced it with a more muted brownish shade. That would have made it 100x more temting to buy then lol.


  • 12/31/10 16:12 Kharina:

    Hi, do you think that the glitter on VIVAH and JAAN will be a terrible fall-out problem when working/blending them?? I wouldn’t want to wind up with glitter cheeks by mid day you know…. I’m trying to like it but I’m still on the fence… :-/


    • 1/17/11 12:55 the Muse:

      hi kharina no problems here but I normally use a base :)


  • 1/1/11 3:21 Pooja:

    I have grown up in Mumbai,so anything bollywood is welcome,will definately pick this one,i actually love the carbon shade as i normally
    heavily line my eyes with black eyeliner :)


  • 1/1/11 13:05 Monique:

    I agree Cali. I am scared, very scared for my wallet!


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