Philosophy Sweet on You Collection Spring 2011

As the chill of Winter gives way to the brisk Spring air (prob not anytime soon though considering I’m currently buried in over two feet of snow) we’ll be looking towards some of our favorite brands to see what sort of fun releases they have up their sleeves for Valentine’s Day.

Philosophy is legendary for celebrating the holiday of romance and this year, as with every other year, they embrace the season with their new Sweet on You Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Lipshine, and Gift Sets!

What’s Sweet on You smell like?


Candy Hearts!

Yup, the new Sweet On You Collection smells just like that traditional V-Day sweet, Candy Hearts! Cute eh?

  • Philosophy Sweet on You 3-in-1 Shower Gel $16

  • Philosophy Sweet on You Body Lotion $16

  • Philosophy Sweet on You Lipshine $10

If you’re the type that needs it all you can indulge in the Philosophy Sweet On You Set which contains all of the above in smaller sizes!

The Philosophy Sweet on You Collection is available now at

Will you indulge?

  • 12/28/10 23:28 Gia:

    I want this! Finally a lotion matching the soap!! That’s the one thing I hate about Philosophy they hardly ever have matching lotions. I’m a layering girl. I need the lotion! ha!


    • 12/29/10 9:41 the Muse:

      hehe gia ;-D your wishes granted hun!


  • 12/29/10 14:29 kiwikiwidragon:

    ooowwwaahhhh, i might need this if it smells like candy hearts


  • 1/2/11 5:50 Donna:

    I think I may have to get this! Hopefully it is the candy hearts that taste like sweet tarts, not the ones that taste like pepto. That could be bad.


  • 1/8/11 11:34 dina:

    need to smell this!!!!


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