Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup

Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup is similar (or identical depending how you look at it) to Almay’s Wake Up Make. I wonder who copied who eh?

I picked one up along with Almay’s version but I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same results all around but we shall see.

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  • 12/8/10 15:27 Cj:

    Why didn’t they wait and bring these out in the summer lol I mean hello it’s like 40 degrees outside I don’t really want an extra “cooling sensation” lol ;P


    • 12/8/10 15:28 the Muse:

      ha CJ exactly. I do think these are a Spring release though and ds’s are just getting them early but still way better for Sum than Spring!


  • 12/8/10 17:13 Doanne:

    i can’t wait for your review on this. very tempted to pick it up!


  • 12/8/10 22:42 Claudia:

    oh muse, I’m so behind in all these new drugstore releases since I just had returned to my high- end makeup phase again…and I’m still so baffled over the powder to liquid formula of those aqua foundations. how practical are they? I feel like it might all just be gimmicky…


    • 12/9/10 10:23 the Muse:

      hey claudia I actually reviewed it recently and said the same :)


  • 12/8/10 23:45 Amee:

    ohhhh… you picked up both is it?? i mean almay as well as revlon???
    pls do share which is better…


    • 12/9/10 9:41 the Muse:

      hi amee haven’t tried the revlon yet but will compare when I do the review :) almay review is up already!


  • 12/9/10 14:39 betty:

    hi muse, which drugstores do you go to for all these new products?


    • 12/9/10 14:46 the Muse:

      harmons in Rockland county new york Betty.


  • 12/17/10 1:29 Joanne:

    This package caught my eye on the shelf instantly..i like the brush a lot n the fact i can see wat am buyin..The powder provides good coverage, thgh i have used better. I think Revlon is really tryin 2 rev up their new launches, good 4 them!!!


  • 1/14/11 6:16 Diane:

    So I buy this product and I love it!!! Even if it’s winter the moment you put it on it’s nice and cool, the feeling go’s away but the foundation stays on all day, I’m always looking for a great foundation for a great price and I think I found it, no more paying $35-$40 anymore.


    • 1/14/11 15:22 the Muse:

      great news diane, happy to hear it!


  • 1/23/11 23:18 Nikki:

    I got the Revlon Aqua Mineral Foundation today and love it. I did have to put on two layers for good coverage, but it was still light, not caked on. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be cooling when I put it on so I was a bit freaked out. It feels nice, gives same coverage as most mineral makeup, and has lasted several hours. My skin looked velvety and smooth. I did not like the brush (way too small) so I used my own.


    • 1/24/11 16:39 the Muse:

      you’re lucky nikki sadly I didn’t have as good a time with it as you hun! ;D glad it worked for you!


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