Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss

This one cracked me up.

I dunno if you can see it but it reads, “Solange Knowles wears Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss”. To which I’d love to reply, “So what…?”

Anyway, I don’t love Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick so I probably won’t love the Cream Lipgloss but who knows, could prove good? Maybe I’ll try.

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  • 12/8/10 12:51 Jeannine:

    Looks like someone was having fun wandering around the drugstore today! :)


    • 12/8/10 12:54 the Muse:

      ha yeah Jeannine! I went in for a bag for a birthday gift and proceeded to start snapping pics left and right lol! I was late for a meeting this morning b/c of it hehe!


      • 12/8/10 13:29 Jeannine:

        I wish my local drugstore had so many displays. We usually only see3 maybe 4 ones.


        • 12/8/10 13:54 the Muse:

          Jeannine seriously depends around here, sometimes alot, somethings NOTHING ;-D


  • 12/8/10 20:13 Storm:

    Isn’t Solange Knowles the one that had so many horrible outfits the fashion world started using her name to describe trainwrecked outfits? As in, “Uh-oh! Katie just pulled a Solange!” I don’t want anything she is wearing….


    • 12/9/10 15:26 the Muse:

      mmm storm I’m out of touch on that one LOL I never heard of that before ;-D but sounds funny as hell!


  • 12/10/10 11:11 LorraineER:

    Those look interesting. I’m all about lip stuff lately and if it’s a new formula I’d like to try it.


  • 12/22/10 3:10 rhain:

    at the moment im inlove with “Spotlight Beige” (moisture renew) that Steph gifted me ^_^


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