The Ghosts of Christmas Makeup Collections Past

Every year I have a fun time rehashing Holiday Collections from years past. Sadly, this year, I ran out of time rather quickly and didn’t get a chance to do this post.

However, I surely hope you’ll have fun clicking through The Ghosts of Christmas Past Collections from prior years and also through Holiday 2007, 2008, and 2009 archives. I personally adore re-living my Holiday Makeup Past and I’m positive as a fellow makeup junkie you too will enjoy these past posts!

Happy Readin’!

Please do feel free to share some of your favorite “ghosts” from Christmas Past Collections!

  • 12/20/10 17:47 jjay:

    Hello, can you please give me some advice. I am just beginning with makeup. What affordable eyeliners, eyeshadows,lipsticks,concealers, and brushes do you reccomend do you recommend.


  • 12/20/10 18:39 Jessica:

    Oh Muse! Your past collections always speak to my heart! I reflect upon past Holiday collections, and sometimes feel a little jipped with current Holiday collections.
    I mourn for years of Dior makeup past! And my sparkly Givency, but don’t feel too sorry for me as I sometimes have a habit of buying Limited Edition/Holiday items and hoarding them. Nothing worse than falling in love with a limited item and having it go to Makeup Heaven never to return.


    • 12/28/10 15:39 the Muse:

      jessica same here hun! same here. Holiday Collections def have CHANGED! I def mourn for Dior days of old and Givenchy. Collections seem to be more user friendly nowadays rather than luxurious and beauty valut material eh? :(


  • 12/21/10 16:20 Sara:

    I love these kinds of posts, thanks for gathering them into one area! :)


    • 12/21/10 16:31 the Muse:

      aw my pleasure sara!


  • 12/28/10 4:55 sienna:

    I know I already commented about Dr Who, but yay, Dr Who! Also, Dumbledore! :)


    • 12/28/10 9:59 the Muse:

      doctor who squeaaaaaaaaal! sienna ;D!


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