the Muse’s Gift Ideas: Etsy Gifting!

Shopping Etsy for awesome gifts is one of my very favorite past times during the Holidays. I have alot of people in my life that are the types that, “just have it all”, I’m sure you have one or two of those as well. That’s when I know I can turn to the world’s Online Craft Market and take advantage of really awesome gifts and presents for my friends and family.

It goes without mentioning by me, that the greatest Etsy kawaii jewelry around would be Helen, from Beadpassion. I featured Helen a year or two ago and I’d like to bring her out again for the Holidays and introduce you to some of her very fine offerings that will make a perfect gift for yourself or a friend or family member who adores very cute, sweet jewelry pieces.

Check it!

Helen resides in the Phillipines so if you’re loving this post and the gifts ideas in it, I do urge you to take advantage in a timely manner since airmail does take time to arrive in the US particularly during a busy holiday season! Helen makes no guarantees about delivery but I’d just thought I’d throw it out there if you’re wanting to get a gift from her shop so you can do so quickly. I imagine it’ll arrive in time but no guarantees!

So what makes Helen’s shop so special?

It’s definitely the kawaii factor!

Helen makes little works of jewelry art and one particularly specialty in her online craft store would be cupcakes which make their appearance in bracelets, necklaces, and even rings! Her work is amazingly detailed, brilliantly crafted, and just overall a really unique and special item. Not only are you getting a really special piece of jewelry but Helen’s prices are crazy budget friendly compared to other shops selling similar items but not nearly as gorgeous as the ones you can get at Beadpassion!

I asked Helen if she would please submit some of her favorite pieces that we could view and she really went all out.

Is that Goldfish Cupcake Necklace stunning or what?! Such detail!

You can learn more about Helen, Beadpassion, and see photos and my review of her products by clicking here and here.

You can visit Helen’s shop at

I hope you’ll find a special gift for someone at Beadpassion!

Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Beadpassion or Helen, I’m purchased from her in the past and have ever after been a fan girl of her offerings!

  • 12/10/10 13:21 Cj:

    I love love love etsy shopping ;D I recently found a soy candle and a jewelry shop which I’ve been spending like crazy at lol


    • 12/10/10 13:36 the Muse:

      me too CJ! ADORE etsy shopping ;-D believe me I can relate, I go mad on there sometimes ;-D!


  • 12/11/10 9:47 Alli:

    CJ – would you be willing to share your website finds (or names of places) with us?~? I am always looking for new etsy sites!!! Thanks!
    Muse – these are adorable! There are so many amazing etsy artists etc out there!!! I’ve found some great sites for soaps and Lush dupes and all kinds of wonderful things – and I started looking bc of your posts, so thanks dear Muse!!!


    • 12/13/10 16:05 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome alli ;-D etsy is so ADDICTING :D!


  • 12/11/10 12:22 Elizabeth:

    I want over to the store to buy the Goldfish Cupcake Necklace and couldn’t find it :( it’s too adorable! But I found a bunch of other amazing things :D!


    • 12/13/10 13:23 the Muse:

      Elizabeth email helen I’m sure she can list for you ;D!


  • 12/11/10 14:10 Lauren:

    I love etsy! Its like 1 of a kind pieces!


    • 12/13/10 13:52 the Muse:

      me too lauren ;D best place to shop!


  • 12/12/10 11:04 Carrie:

    I love Helen’s designs! I’m new to etsy shopping, but I just checked out Helen’s shop and purchased a cupcake necklace. Thanks for sharing her designs :)


    • 12/13/10 13:20 the Muse:

      my pleasure carrie ;-D enjoy your necklace!


  • 12/13/10 11:32 Dee:

    Omgosh! I’ve been looking for cupcake things on Etsy and have never come across her site. I’m looking at her items for sale and am -drooling-!!! Thank you for sharingggg!!! 😀


    • 12/13/10 13:16 the Muse:

      my pleasure dee ;D!!!!!!


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